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Scripture in song

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Br. Bear, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Greetings,

    Do you listen to scripture in song?

    There are several or maybe even a lot? of resources available that give or sell music that is only scripture accompanied by music , the Scripture being sung.

    Do you know of any and if so do you have a favourite?
    Tell us why you like it!

    Bless you ....><>
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  2. I like "For I am Crucified in Christ" by Phillips, Craig and Dean. It has about 10 verses in it.
    Also I like "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin. It has a a couple of verses in it as well.

    But I notice more and more of today's "Christian" music is getting away from scripture.
  3. Greetings,

    thanks for the reply B-A-C.
    I probably didn't word it right but I meant songs that are only Scripture.

    Most i have listened to are not musically flash and top of the pops sort of thing. They are usually what people might consider bland in comparison with the majority of other stuff out there but they are simple, and the music and the artist and their fame and fortune, etc is not the focus.
    That might explain why
    Grace and Peace.

    Bless you ....><>
  4. Robert Evans is my favourite.
    Simple music and beautiful scriptures

    A sample

    Sent from a mobile device
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  5. Here is one I am listening to recently, Psalm 139 (vs.1-10) by Mercy Me a favorite chapter on the book of Psalms :).

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  6. Michael Card has been a fave christian, singer of mine since right around the time I was saved. One of his first songs, well, the first I heard was this one:
    Michael Card at one time made a statement about wanting to write songs including all the verses of the bible, something like that. Anyway, I've always loved many of his songs. Here's one I remember. Well the first link is to a wiki about Michael in case you don't know who he is:
    Michael Card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  8. Many years ago I had a series of cassette tapes called, "scripture memory songs", sung by many different artists. I think, "Integrity Music" produced them." I listened to them so much I still sing them to myself today. They are all 100% scripture which is why I liked them so much. I am sure they can still be purchased online somewhere.
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  9. Hi Br Bear, I use to like the "Scripture in Song" song book which most of the Churches in my area used back in the day. I also enjoyed scripture sung by Dave & Dale Garrett. They were real oldies but goodies. I like the Maranatha singers with this rendition of Beauty For Ashes.

    It's a little slower than how we sang it in Church but still hauntingly beautiful. It reminds me of God's love toward us by sending us his sinless, holy, merciful and gracious son Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior.
    Isaiah 61:3

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  10. ohhh how wonderful! That looks and sounds like "the Songbook"


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