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  1. E

    The mighty work God has wrought in saving me through Jesus Christ

    All glory, honor and praise to YAHUVEH our Father and Lord Jesus Christ/YAHUSHUA. I want to share my testimony on how great a salvation God has wrought in my life. I was born into an atheistic family in a culture of atheism. There was no knowledge of God in my upbringing and my life before...
  2. Kirby D. P.

    Rules You Don't Like

    Question from a friendly atheist to faithful Christians: Is there any item within God’s doctrine (defined sins, requirements of faith/observance, standards for punishment/reward in any afterlife, etc.) according to your own personal understanding of that doctrine, that you either disagree with...
  3. E

    Why worship imaginary people

    Why worship something imaginary gods fake we are all a cosmic mistake when you die you rot you dont go anywhere first off im gay as in i like guys sinner omg im a sinner there is well over 95,000 religions telk me what make you thing yours is real hmmm what you cant oh wait the bible says so and...
  4. Kirby D. P.

    Greetings -- A Freindly Atheist Who Wants to Know: Why Christ?

    Hello. I am an atheist. I live in one of the world’s great secular, pluralistic communities. I was raised nominally observant (Jewish) and, outside of specific religious activity, none of my social interactions have depended upon faith. Very few of my friends are atheist, but those who do...