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The mighty work God has wrought in saving me through Jesus Christ

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All glory, honor and praise to YAHUVEH our Father and Lord Jesus Christ/YAHUSHUA. I want to share my testimony on how great a salvation God has wrought in my life.

I was born into an atheistic family in a culture of atheism. There was no knowledge of God in my upbringing and my life before conversion was an utter mess. My parents were hardcore atheists and they committed the sin of abortion under the One Child Policy. I do not know how much this sin contributed to the mess but it certainly opened a doorway to demonic influences in my family. Furthermore my father was a hot tempered man who practised palm reading, ancestry worship and lying. I am speaking all these in hindsight to the sins rampant in my family.

By the time I was in kindergarten, I was already witnessing domestic violence. My father had uncontrollable rage that would erupt whenever he quarrelled with my mother. This would result in things being smashed in the house, verbal abuse and threats being hurled and I was too young to do anything about it.

By the time my family migrated to another country when I turned 7, the conflicts between my parents only became worse from financial pressures. I was living in constant fear when the next quarrel would happen, and I especially feared my father because he terrified me during his fits of anger. I still remember once when I wanted to play chess with him but he just exploded in rage and threw the chessboard on the ground for no reason. There was nothing I have done to even provoke that kind of anger. He was also a controlling man who would use threats to get his way forced onto my mother and I.

Over the years I started getting resentment in my heart towards my father because he was always the first to turn things into violence and threats. I saw my mother as the victim and began to hate my father for the misery he brought onto us. I started cursing him and whoever I thought played a part in our misery in my heart and that is when hatred started taking root within me.

Outside of my family I was also facing ostracisation in school because I hold a Chinese passport and I was often on YouTube debating against people who spoke ill of my country. I did not understand why my country was so hated by those westerners and their words only stirred up more anger and hatred in me.

By the time I was 12 I was almost completely consumed by the evil that surrounded me. I became sadistic and started finding pleasure in torturing animals. I never killed any animal, thank God, but at that time evil so filled my heart I wanted to see how animals would react when I deprived them of air. I did it both to a dog and a cat raised by my uncle. Somehow that evil act brought me peace. I also pretty much hated the world and wanted it to be destroyed because everywhere I go I only saw and experienced evil. I was depressed and had no peace in my heart, without a doubt on the path to self destruction. Not a single person around me knew what was going on with me. I had no help from anyone.

But then God in His mercy called out to me when I turned 14. I was brought to this church program that talked about Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. It was the first time I heard about Jesus. Yet, despite not knowing what Jesus’ sacrifice meant, I felt touched. I felt a love I never even felt in my own family. At that very moment I literally felt that a heaviness was lifted from me. All that hatred and depression that I had in my heart for years was instantaneously gone. I weeped uncontrollably and wanted to know Jesus. So I accepted this faith that night.

Continued in next post.
In hindsight I do believe just before I came to Christ I had demons inside of me. That is where those hatred and sadistic feelings about torturing animals came from. I myself love animals (esp. dogs) as a person but yet during those years of spiritual darkness I was not myself sometimes. If God has not called me to Jesus that night I probably would gone onto full blown demonic possession as an unbeliever.

But my battle with the spiritual forces of darkness is far from over. My father came to pick me up that night after I accepted the Christian faith, and upon hearing that I am a Christian, he became enraged. He started threatening me, saying I should not have the Christian faith and telling me I am not allowed to go to church and not to even associate with the classmate who brought me to the church program. Basically I am not allowed to have the Christian faith because he doesn’t like it based on negative things he heard about it in the news.

But my personal experience told me otherwise and I knew that the Christian faith was what delivered me from years of depression and hatred that very night. So while I agreed to not go to church and stopped contacting the classmate who brought me to church, I continued reading the Bible and started praying for more understanding. That was when the conflict in my family took a different turn. Now it was a conflict between my parents and myself. Just like Jesus prophesied, the enemies of mine were that of my own household.

This conflict started out from my parents banning me from church, to banning me from even reading the Bible and getting a deeper understanding of what the Christian faith is. It was as if even reading a book called the Bible was offensive to them. My father was again the main opposition to my faith. He would hurl verbal threats at me and taunt me to show him where God is. I was demanded to stop reading the Bible or it will be destroyed.

It even got to the point where he said that the Spirit of God in me was an evil spirit. My mother also began to join in the persecution, and she even cursed me to go and die once. Meanwhile I never did or said anything worthy of this kind of treatment, all I did was read the Bible, pray and discuss my faith with people online. But to my parents I was like a possessed person committing grave crimes.

But despite all these, God and my Lord Jesus never abandoned me. I was often in tears and prayers during these persecutions but His peace was with me. Remarkably I never hated my parents for what they did and instead prayed that God would forgive them. I was slowly seeing the kind of evil and spiritual darkness that surrounded my persecution. This was validated by the testimony of my parents. My father confessed once that before he started verbally assaulting me for my faith he had a dream the night before where he saw a dark cloud hovering over him. I believe that dark cloud was a sign of spiritual darkness that was influencing my father and driving him to persecute me. Similarly, my mother confessed that she was hearing voices talking to her after she opposed my faith. That same day I called on the name of Jesus to oppose the evil spirit that was speaking through her and I saw a dark shadow moving away inside her pupil.

This persecution lasted for seven years till I got to university. During these seven years, I experienced many times the miracles and work of God. It was during this time that Jesus showed me that He was with me even before I came to Him. He was right there with me when I was struggling with depression which almost led to suicide, my hatred and all the negative feelings. He saw all my pain, my tears and desperation. I thought I was alone but truly I was not. If not for Him, I would have long taken my life in those dark moments.

Jesus also personally gave me understanding of the Scriptures. I had no church to go to, no Christian to teach me and never heard a single sermon that explained the Bible. But His Spirit gave me revelation on the most important aspects of my faith, such as who Jesus is, what is repentance, what is true faith (bearing fruit and obedience to Him) and what it means to be His disciple (taking up my cross etc). I was also convicted of all the sins in my life and I repented of them. It was Him who motivated me to forsake my sins, to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness.

He delivered me from being bitten by wild dogs, comforted me in my distress and made me fearless in the face of persecution. Moreover, He heard my prayers and changed my parents. After a decade since my conversion, my father stopped palm reading and ancestry worship. He no longer had uncontrollable rage, confessed his sins against my mother and I and started believing that there is a God. He did not go to a single counselling session till today so no way he could have changed on his own. Meanwhile my mother is now learning about the Christian faith. Both of them were previously hardcore atheists. All these changes were the sole work of God and His Christ.
Thank you so much for sharing @Enxu

Praise the Lord ❤
It is an honor. I hope this testimony will speak to more souls (esp. atheists) that there is indeed a righteous God in heaven and true spiritual evil in this world. Being a former atheist, I had no reason to even start believing in God given my upbringing unless I truly experienced Him as real. He is real and His love for mankind is shown in Jesus Christ. All glory to Him and His Christ.
Anyone who happens to read this feel free to share it with unbelievers around you. Thanks
:pensive::love: My sister in Christ always. although, you are the same age as my youngest son. And all of the teaching I present to him, my wife was erasing it out of him. And i didn't know it, all of those years, but I knew something was wrong. But could not put my finger on it. Until my younger daughter told me what was going on, how mom was instructing them, over 20 something years had past. It devastated me, "I trusted her" and today he hates me. I never done him wrong, and always protected him, and fought behind his back with his mother on his behave. The 1st voice he heard when he was born, was mine. The 1st finger he held in this world was mine. The 1st person who soothe him when he was crying the very day he was born was mine. Because the Doctors and the nurses had to work on his mom, to stop the bleeding, they just toss him aside right away, and my wife said go to him he is alone, and i did and the tears started to fall down my face. But through the years "money" and world travel' had become my "wifes first love". our net worth over 1 million. USA. and i don't care, My wife, my two youngest think they know Jesus and are not true christians, [Girl 30, boy 29] "what profits a man ,if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul"
I read the Bible to them while they were in their mothers womb while she was carrying them at night, she would call to me to read to them, and I did. When they were born and as they were growing up, I read and prayed with them, to put them to sleep at night. I song Hymns to them. Everytime when I would take them to school or they would get into the car as i drove we would pray in unison. All those years even into high school, But still the poison of the false teachers , pastors of my wife and her friends and relatives, the different type of churches they went to, penetrated my home. I have one of the most extensive "Biblical Library" from a collection of years in my basement. And I taught them how to use it, if they wanted to know what the bible says, this is how you do it. and take the Scriptures about. I taught them to trust no one, But search the scriptures to see if these things are true. But through my "wife" Homosexuals, Islam, Universalism, is good. taught and affirmed by "Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalians, churches, churches of her professional friends. I am the only one that is "Reformed" who refused to have fellowship with unbelievers and those of a false faith, for we have nothing in common. Her friends, most of them have nothing bad to say about me.
Only a few has something kinda bad to say about me, she comes back and tells me. But I don't even know them! So I move on, and has accepted it, they are lost, and I place them, into the Hands of God . I have cried a many of nights, and a lot of mid-night prayers going into hours and hours of straight prayers until the Sun have come up. And many of times, they wonder why, I would be crying, they just do not know how much I love them, and I am fearful of their destination.

And "Enxu " I would love to call you daughter, but you are more, for you are my sister in "Jesus Christ' who is our Lord. for ever and ever and ever and evermore.

"I can feel the "the Spirit of the Living God running through your veins"

Matthew 13:57
And they took offense at Him. But Jesus said to them, "Only in his hometown and in his own household is a prophet without honor."
New American Standard Bible
Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and among his own relatives and in his own household."
New King James Version
But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house.”

I know the heart of "King David" concerning His tears of his children. The heart of "Samuel" and the tears concerning his children. I know the heart of Aaron concerning his sons, I know the heart of Jacob and his tears concerning his sons. I have read the BIble from front to back to maybe over a many of times I cannot count and certain individual countless times as well. And still the tears flow of the children who are lost and how they still suffer through out their years. In remebrance of many sorrows, the "childern of God" must go through. But through it all, a sense of sweetness the world cannot experience, nor understand, and we are puzzle and strange, what is it, That God has chose us.

Sorry, after reading your testimony, my heart and "spirit" reach out, and touch you, in a sense of a "divine love" and reminded me of the "scars" that has been experience upon me and place on my heart. And I know many on "TalkJesus" have this special kind of "Fellowship" in a certain way that God has tied us together, for some special purpose that will be revealed one day.

Shalom with "The Anointed of GOD":pensive:
Anyone who happens to read this feel free to share it with unbelievers around you. Thanks
I sent this out already even before I finished reading it. Your testimony contains that kind of unsolicited beauty that is only contained in God's Perfect Grace. So grateful for you sharing.
I sent this out already even before I finished reading it. Your testimony contains that kind of unsolicited beauty that is only contained in God's Perfect Grace. So grateful for you sharing.
Now I just hope God will end my life as soon as possible so I don't have to deal with the aftermath of what I endured, I have been looking to martyrdom for years now. I am tired of hurting and bitterness - this world is not a world I want to be in.

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