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2016 presidential elections

  1. Chad

    Liberals will faint: Ted Cruz just said what he’d do on DAY ONE as president

    We’re all counting the days until a Republican takes over the Oval Office. As of this writing, we have just 387 more days to endure President Obama. And GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is painting a picture of what kind of transformation he will undertake immediately — on the very first day...
  2. Chad

    Dr. Ben Carson For President: Pro-Life Neurosurgeon Believes Abortion Is ‘Human Sacrifice’ [Videos]

    The latest Republican presidential contender to throw his hat in the crowded ring for 2016 — along with Senator Ted Cruz, as reported by the Inquisitr — is Ben Carson. Carson made his run for president known, reports the USA TODAY, when the retired neurosurgeon told WPEC-TV, a TV station out of...