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Liberals will faint: Ted Cruz just said what he’d do on DAY ONE as president

Staff Member

We’re all counting the days until a Republican takes over the Oval Office. As of this writing, we have just 387 more days to endure President Obama.

And GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is painting a picture of what kind of transformation he will undertake immediately — on the very first day — should he be the one to move into that office on January 20, 2017.

Via The Washington Examiner:

Surging Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is laying out what would be the most aggressive first day in office ever for a new president, starting with the elimination of “every single illegal and unconstitutional” executive action taken by President Obama.

In an epilogue to his father Rafael Cruz’s upcoming autobiography — due out January 5, but available on Amazon now — the Texas senator also said that he would rip up Obama’s controversial deal with Iran, open an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s abortion practice, end the IRS’s “persecution of religious liberty,” and shift the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

“All of that is on day one. It is an example of how quickly things can change,” Cruz penned in his father’s revealing personal story, A Time for Action, published by WND Books.

“The left, and the media (who are in cahoots), try to convince us that nothing can change. They want us to give up. But strong presidential leadership, backed by the American people, can usher in dramatic change,” wrote Cruz.

His day one five-point agenda goes much further than past presidents have been able to achieve and gives an indication of how swiftly he hopes to begin unraveling the Obama presidency.

Cruz also presented his short term plan to go even further by repealing Obamacare, expanding school choice, moving to “rebuild our military,” doing more to reform the Veterans Administration, taking on ISIS with greater force and securing the border and ending the sanctuary city system that lets cities get away with harboring illegal immigrants wanted by federal authorities.

“Our country is in crisis,” wrote Cruz. “I am convinced, it is now or never. There comes a point where the hole is too deep, the debt is too great, our liberties are too receded, and there is no going back,” he added.

Indeed, we all fear President Obama’s presidency has brought us near the point of no return for our great republic, with liberties having receded in ways we couldn’t have imagined in just seven years. Chillingly proving Ronald Reagan’s point that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Cruz’s Cuban-born father knows this first-hand, having fled Castro’s Cuba for the American Dream. And, as Rafael Cruz points out at the end of his book, 54 million who didn’t vote in 2012 might have made a difference in where we are today. “Didn’t Vote” cost us the election in 2012, and we cannot afford a large block of voters to stay home in protest this time.

Regardless of whether Sen. Ted Cruz is your top choice for president, can we all agree that “unraveling the Obama presidency” is something we can all get behind?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]
Roe v Wade was passed back in the 1970s - since then, American have been sacrificing their babies on the altar of Molech for over 40 years. In that time, we had at least 3 "conservative" Presidents, of whom 2 had majority Republican Congress' yet in all this time, NOTHING was done in Washington when it comes to Abortion. Remember how during Bush II, it was used as a wedge issue to bring Bush II back in office in 2004.

My Brother's and Sisters don't be fooled. These "Republicans" and "Democrats" could care less about Abortion - in fact, they like it, because they can pretend to fight against it & yet still continue to do the work of their master - The Man of Perdition, the Abomination that brings desolation - he who is here, has been here and will be no more - pray for the saints that his days are numbered small, for the suffering of man shall wax worse and worse - woe unto us. I know at least 28 State's that have Majority Republican legislatures - why no Amendment to the constitution on Abortion?

I personally do not like Obama, and politically I am to the extreme left of most 'Liberals' ~ I find capitalism as practiced in modern days to be anathema to my values as a Christian brother. Why, you aks? ~ Because it breeds greed - the constant accumulation of wealth and through this accumulation of wealth - materialism & through this materialism - the Sin of man (woe unto us). I don't judge people who love capitalism as practiced today, for I understand we are a fallen creature, and though we cling to the Cross - we (in so many ways) cling to our idols.

There is no gainsaying that our country has turned into the Babylon of the Bible... We are that great thrashing Beast that tramples the world - look at what we do across the world, economically, politically & militarily to see what I mean and you too will admit, we (as a country) have fallen from grace and are now the "Evil Empire". Yet, even within this empire are many people who seek after he who was, is, and is to come - glory and honor unto his name forever more Hosanna to the Lamb of God !

Cruz... is a a liar, just like how Bush II, Obama, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan were all liars ~ they promise 1 thing but yet they will do another thing. While he distracts us with stories of how he will "Do this, and do that" ~ let us be careful about the new "NAFTA on STEROIDS" he and his buddies in Washington will push on us - TTIP, TiSA & TPP. These 'treaties' that just passed Congress (a while ago) with fast track approval, will take away our local, state & federal sovereignty on so many levels. Jobs will be outsourced and incomes will fall. & why will it happen? Because "Conservatives & Liberals" in Congress lied to the American people and sold out our birthright. These treaties will make it possible for foreign corporations to sue our local, state & federal governments if they place restrictions on how these corporations make a profit. "That will never happen.. " you say? OK, maybe, maybe not - but I know our corporations will use them to force other countries to remove restrictions on how our corporations make a profit over there... The question I have to ask myself as a Disciple of Jesus is do I want to profit from the suffering of other people? Should I smile, sit back and enjoy when brothers and sisters in China, Congo, Indonesia, Mexico are exploited so I can have access to material goods and services "at a cheap price?"

Is it good that for me to get these same material goods & services I must go into usurious debt to the same corporations that are exploiting my brothers & sisters across the globe.

I just read a news report that the same 'rebels' our government is supporting in Syria, is supporting Al Qaeda & Al Nusra ~ Now if a podunk website based in Montreal and find this out, do you think our exalted CiA, Dept of State, Dept of Defense etc cant find this out & change their tactics? Or are they speaking with a forked tongue about what their real goals in the Middle East are...

So depressing, sometimes.. If I was not scared of Hell, I would kill myself - because I mostly don't see the use of it all anymore... ~ all we do is bite, kill, steal and destroy each other ... across the Globe.


Prince Africa
:Seeker of Truth
You said, "I personally do not like Obama, and politically I am to the extreme left of most 'Liberals' "

Although I don't have much money, I typically support republicans, as they don't support abortion, but we don't elect kings who then do whatever they want, we elect people who sometimes try to do what they say they want to do, and sometimes they don't. The left wants to rob the rich, and give it to themselves and those that support liberal policies. Do you support thievery? The liberals also support abortion on demand for any reason at all. Do you support killing children? As to money, indeed, BOTH political parties promote greed, but the republicans are at least honest about it. The democrats are like the Pharisees who pretend to be righteous and help the poor, but they promote keeping poor people poor and voting democratic through the lies they speak. The poor are only guilty of believing democrats, that they care about them. Despite the greed that the politicians promote, capitalism provides the best standard of living anywhere in the world. "OUR" poor are like the rich to many in the world.
I never vote based on party. I was a member of the AFL-CIO for a while and they told us how to vote, but even
then I didn't always vote the way they said I was supposed to.

I simply vote for who I believe is closest to God's values. We live in a time where it seems none of the candidates
have much moral fortitude at all. But even so... it seems some have more 'Godlike' values than others.

In the last 8 years we've seen homosexuality legalized, mental altering drugs legalized, transgender bathrooms
legalized, and the beginnings of Christian persecution. Business's that refuse to cater to LGBT customers
are fined and even having to do confinement. Some colleges now require a permit to talk about Jesus on their
campuses. (Wasn't there something called the constitution that guaranteed this?)

Feminism, abortion, the list goes on.

There are some candidate who opening support these things. In fact they would like to see
"more progress" in these areas. (whatever that means).

There are some who are mixed, and are wishy washy. The front runner claims to be conservative, but yet
he supports transgender bathrooms. His current stand is that he is against homosexual marriages, however
he has support them in the past... (you start to get the feeling, he just says whatever he thinks the people
want to hear).

We also have a lady running for president, she has been caught lying about things in the past.
She is one of those who would like to see "further progress" in regard to homosexuality and
transgender issues. I believe she would just be a continuation of Obama.

Besides that, I am a Bible thumping chauvinist that believes women should not have authority over men.

All candidates have agendas. Some are simply business, political, and military in nature.
Other's are moral and even spiritual in nature (although I doubt many would admit to this).
I don't worry too much about the business and political agendas. They are what they are.
A lot is made on illegal immigrants, and gun control. Those things matter little to me.

But at least one candidate is against homosexuality, transgender bathrooms, recreational
drug use, and supports the religious freedom issues. He may have his own business and political
agendas (I do not doubt this at all) but at least he has been unwavering in his stand of the issues.

Finally we have the socialist candidate (he isn't running under that party name) but he wants to
raise taxes (a lot, as much as 50% or more) to support socialized medicine, socialized education,
and socialized welfare programs. Some people are for this, (especially the poor I think) but my
opinion is that socialism is much like the story of giving a man a fish.

If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish for himself, he'll eat for a lifetime.

Teaching people to work to support the things they need/want is better than giving everyone everything free
because they don't value it as much, and it gives less incentive for the prosperous to prosper. Most of the
upper wealthy class already give to charities and causes. This also gives less incentive for the poorer classes
to want to work and contribute to society (because they already get everything for free).