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Shouting in Church

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by Cody, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. I was talking to my friend the other day at school. We are both Baptist but our churches do things differently. In his church, they dont shout or anything, but in my church people shout and all of that. He told me that shouting can take away the attention from God and gives more attention to that person, and sometimes disrupts the service. He thinks that church should be orderly and everyone should be quiet. I believe that when someone shouts that glorfies God rather than taking attention away from him. I also think when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you cant help but to shout, raise your hand or etc.

    What is everyones thoughts on this? and is there any scriptural answers for this?
  2. I witnessed that at my church. While I do not wish to judge the middle aged women who was an usher or some sort, she was very loud during service and it was [to me] extremely annoying. How do you approach a person like that without being rude? I really do not know. I know one thing, it can be very annoying!

    Its one thing to praise GOD and shout TO GOD during your worship, its another thing one someone shouts, especially during sermons annoyingly.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I believe it can get out of hand sometimes. At my church people usually shout during the singing and not so much during the preaching. People give amens and all of that during the preaching. Although there has been times when someone was preaching and someone shouted but it doesnt last for a great deal of time so it never interupts the preacher. It may startle some of the people that arent use to it though. :p lol
  4. The Holy Spirit does not bring disorder. The leadership of that congregation needs to set forth some rules as to when shouting is allowed and when it is not. We have some people in my church who often shout during worship and we encourage that because they are worshipping God with all their heart. I know this to be true because I'm one of them.

    But we rarely get loudly vocal at any other time in the service because we have great respect for our pastors and for each other, and we truly love the Lord.

    "But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way." (1 Cor 14:40)

  5. the church I am currently attending, people do not shout, at all.

    But, I have gone to churches when they have. Like SLE said, it was during worship. And like you said Cody, they would say Amen or Halleuja when the Pastor was preaching.

    Personally, I think that shouting during the service would take away with what God has to tell us through the Pastor. If can be distracting and even annoying like Chad said.
  6. Confirm the source.

    Now and then there's someone who seems more disruptive than ecstatic. These people make me wonder -- because the source of their jubilation is supposed to be the Holy Spirit -- and as the Holy Spirit is with God, and of God, and GOD -- I cannot imagine any disruption being caused by It.

    Keeping that in mind, confirm the source of the situation:

    Silently say a prayer similar to the following:

    Holy Spirit of God -- this is a chruch in which I feel Your presence. If this man/woman is being guided by You to proclaim Your glory, then please forgive me for my jealous distraction. However, I feel I am sensing something else at work, and if that is the case, please block that other power for my sake, lest the peace of this place be lost or defiled.

    In some cases, nothing will happen except that you'll seem to feel better about their jubiliation ... but it is equally possible that the person making the disruption will hush up in a hurry.


    Never forget, God sends His people even to places of ill repute to minister to the lost. Where do you think the devil sends his people?
  7. Im normally not a side taker but i support u on that I have always attended churches where people shout, and today I had a really good experience with the presence of god and its true that when the spirit falls upon you, theres really nothing you can do, I love to know that the lord blesses me to even be in his presence.

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