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ZooTopoia (Children's Movie or Something else?)

Hello friends hope everyone is blessed,

I went out today to see the movie Zootopia. It is an animated kids movie about animals. I have been dramatically reducing my movie watching because it seems as a discriminately Christian in terms of the entertainment I will allow myself to watch, most of the movies out there as well as the shows are just pure garbage.

When I say garbage I speak of the sinful nature of their content, whether or not it is violence, sexual content, or languages.

The violence become desensitizing to the point where we don't even mourn when people get killed in movies but enjoy and find it entertaining for someone to get shot or blow up in a car.

The sexual content objectifies women, lowers our guard against temptation as well as normalizes fornication and other sexual sins.

The inappropriate language desensitizes us to in appropriate words, all the while our brains are storing and cataloging all those inappropriate words. When we stump our foot and a curse word comes out, we may be surprised but our mind is just recalling what we have put into it.

With that said, I try to see a kids movie Zootopia thinking it will be safe from that. Unfortunately it wasn't.

It seems like the LGBT agenda is definitely a message in that movie. Of course they did it in a low key way by using animals. I ended up walking out of the movie because I just couldn't take it anymore. I just felt the need to share with others so you can also be aware of the various content out there are there is a big effort to normal this and the enemy is attacking children's media.

Working for the state government, I am fully aware that there is a big effort to push the LGBT agenda on children. I work in child welfare (foster care) and the government is definitely pushing this very hard onto the foster kids, trust me I work in the field. It even got so bad that I had to take a stance at one point where I told my supervisors with the courage of God that I would not do a certain task related to pushing that agenda on the youth because of my faith. They pulled me in the office and said you have to do it because it is the law or you will lose your job. I held my ground and God must still want me here for now because I didn't get fired.

Anyways, in the movie you have an animal (bunny) who wants to be a police officer. All of the other animals tell her that she can't be it because no other bunnies have every been police officers before. On the surface it seems harmless, a message to help kids believe in themselves, but it is much more. The message comes out, "anyone can be anything" with the LGBT rainbow colors. The main bully in the movie before I left happens to of course have a well know name from a famous Bible character. The bully is named Gideon. He even says, "Amen" at one point. I interpreted this as a snub to Christians who they feel are trying to counter their LGBT message.

They also go into the fact in the movie that animals in their DNA were made to be one way but they didn't have to follow their DNA they could be whatever they wanted to be. I interpreted that to be analogous to the fact that Christians share that genetically men are to be with woman but the LGBT movement tries to push that you don't have to follow your DNA, boys can be girls, girls can be boys and we can marriage whoever we want.

The more and more I see this happening the more bolder I feel myself getting. Stay strong saints. Many will say that Christians are overreacting, but when you see what is going on all over in our nation, and you see what the Bible foretells in the last days, these things(even if I am over reacting) are things that should be expected to happen and will happen even more. Just remember 20 years ago many didn't even imagine that same sex marriage would be legal in certain states, and now many can't believe that anyone would support traditional marriage.

Keep your eyes open my friends, and be discriminating of the types of media you watch.
Remember Proverbs 4:23- "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."

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