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when job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes, infact the Lord give him twice as much as before.
Job42 v 10.
I uge you, first of all pray for people, ask God to help them; intercede on thair behalf and give thank for them.
1 Timity 2 v1

Can you imagine, something wort of $2 is now 13 million zimbabwe dolla. Rorboth Mugabe has been rulling over this nation for more than 28 years and he still wish to keep on, and he still importing weapons to fight against who ever want to stop him from ruling.
I tell you my brothers and sisters God can remove him within a twinkle of an eye, he has done it for my country and he can still do it for zimbabwe.
Please let us remember this nation in our prayer and God will do it,

He will :lightbulb up you life
Lord Jesus I pray that this nation of precious people, this nation called Zimbabwe, I ask you Jesus to set them free. Strike this dictator with the fear of God. Cause his troops to overthrow him. Help them to rise up in righteous anger and set the nation free.

Lord Jesus....Let righteous arise, I pray in Jesus
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Yes Lord,

hear the cries that come out from this nation, and deliver them please Lord... turn the hearts of the people to you and hear their cry, Lord and may the people of Zimbabwe rejoice in you, for you are worthy Lord.... in Jesus name....amen
Kenya warns of Rwanda-style disaster in Zimbabwe

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga warned on Wednesday that Zimbabwe could descend into a disaster akin to Rwanda's 1994 genocide
if the world did not intervene rapidly to remedy the crisis.

"Zimbabwe right now is a disaster in the making," Odinga, one of the most
outspoken critics of President Robert Mugabe among African leaders, told

"If the world does not act now, we will soon have a situation very similar
to what we saw in Rwanda," he said, referring to the 100-day slaughter of
800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in the east African nation.

The Zimbabwe Situation

Zimbabwe Christians Facing Famine And Persecution, Aid Workers Say
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