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Yummy Spoons!!



hi evrybody!
i just thought id share with you something really embarassing that happened to my dad (yeh, my dad, i dont wanna put stuff bout me!!)...
for sum reason, he was trying to make caramel, and he had got to the point of the sugar gettin rli hot and needing a stir, so he put the spoon in and started stirring...
about 2 mins later he realised a white liquid floating in the caramel, and thought "i didnt put any cream in here....??" then he lifted the spoon up, and there was no end!! just a dripping, PLASTIC lol, handle!! so, my dad is able now to cook 4 things, chips, beans on toast, eggy bread and spoons. apparently, he didnt know that sugar melts at very high temperatures, and plastic melts too! lol, this story is always told to our visitors :p
if anybody else is brave enuf to post some funny stories plz do!! :shade: