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Youth with a mission

This year I recently have asked Jesus into my life to be my personal savior and have been saved! I have shared a little bit about myself on here and I am open to any questions about my life! I have nothing to hide and honestly I want all the pain and troubles I went threw to be keys to open up anyone's doors, needing to get out! I have recently started going to a life group, where we are studying the book " The Pursuit of God" by A.W Towzer. We talk a lot about the book but also we get off on many other topics just talking about our lord and all of His Glory and Amazing Grace! A few weeks ago one of the girls there just got back from YWAM or Youth with a mission! I'm hoping some may know what it is! Recently I have had a huge desire to go and be a part of this program! I have been praying a lot for the lord to help show me where I should go! The Lord has shown me Colorado, quite a few times! I've heard people bring it up, saw random commercials! I honestly think these are all signs from the Lord!
I am just asking for prayers for the lord to bring me more conformation on what I'm suppose to do! Also asking if anyone knows much about this organization and what their thoughts are on going? My Abba Father knows what is best for me and what is best for me in this world with his people! I truly want to go so bad and I am very excited! I honestly just need prayers!!!! Thank you so much and God bless all of you!!
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Hi @Angelena Snyder, it's great to see your fire for the Lord like this! Awesome attitude and trusting the Lord will guide you. Your job, just believe and trust Him. Don't let yourself feel like a mouse in a maze (most of us do this sometimes). Will be praying for you. Most importantly, congrats on accepting Christ into your life You've made the best and most important decision in your life!
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Glad to pray for you. Just remember that anyone who shares good spiritually uplifting things (not material things) with you is probably sent from God, and always look to make sure what they say lines up true with what scripture teaches, if you are unsure.
Amen, keep the fire burning for Jesus. The light of the Father that you shine will encourage many around you, and I'm sure many in this community as well.

Keeping you in prayer.

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