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Youth Sunday

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2 weeks ago at my church we had youth sunday, which is where all the kids from the youth group do the whole service once every year.
and pastor randy my senoir pastor, said before it had been a program but this year it was a message. the theme this yearwas the urgency of the Great Commision. it was reall y powerfull.
i was one of the greeters and one of the people that go up front with people that needed prayer. i prayed with seven that were planning on leading someone to christ.
my dad and his girlfriend came down from the city to got to church too. he actd better the day before Youth Sunday and i dont know how the service affected him. but i do think he is changing and getting a lot better.
we had lunch to gether too. with my brother.
my mom and step dad went to first service and my dad, girlfriend and brother went second service. i went to both services.
i'm really glad about what happened that day.
Thank-you So Much For Opening Up And Allowing Us To Know How You Feel . Many People Hide In Shame Because Their Family Had Or Has Problems . You Have Chosen To Accept The Things That You Can And Cannot Change . Everyone Must Serve The Lord For Themselves , And This Is True For You're Family As Well . I Am Rejoicing With You And I Am Praying For The Peace Of God To Be Around And In You're Life . Thanks Again For Sharing . Big-brother
youth saunday

I will pray for your dad, i thought it good you were able to get both your parents involed with something that was important you. God is at work in you, continue to grow in Him and let Him direct your path and watch Him work in your behalf.

AlabasterBox :thumbs_up
Writer for God, it is good to see that God works for all and in His own time. I'm only now seeing that age doesn't matter He still calls those that are His. Keep praying and being the example for others to come to Jesus.
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