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Youth on a Mission

Hello everybody! My name is Angelena Snyder and I have been on this forum for a few months now! You guys have helped me threw quite a bit and helped me learn a lot about God! I had messaged Chad about posting this thread and him gave me the okay!
In January I will be leaving to go to Colorado Springs, Colorado to go into a program called Ywam: youth on a mission! This is a six month program that we have to pay for! It is $3,325 for lecture phase and outreach is $1859+ airfare (around $1,500).
Lecture phase is studying the bible and training to be a disciple! Then outreach is a three month long mission trip over seas! I'm not sure what country yet, we don't know until after we get there! I will be living there on base with other students and staff!
God is calling me to do this! I have had a crazy amount of confirmation from Him! This is a very exciting journey but I do have worries! Which I know aren't from God but I am working on it with him! God has supplied me with an amazing job that pays very well and I have been working 50 hours a week but it still isn't going to be enough! So I am asking if anyone on here feels lead by God to help me with my tuition, it would be more appreciated than you ever know! I know God would see this simple act of obidence and love for his people and shower you with many blessings!!! Any amount would help!! I know God will provide me with every penny, I just need to get the word out there and ask! Thank you guys so much for always being such a great help with everything!! God bless all of you!!

Here is my website I set up for donations!


If you have anymore questions about my trip or things going on in my life, please ask away!!
Hi Angelena, I hope your YWAM program is going well and I'm 100% sure that God will make provision in the exploits he has opened according to his will. How extremely exciting. I remember getting a strong desire for missions after coming back from a 3 day missions conference with my Pastor and a some members from my Church. Like yourself, I found that just working was not going to be enough to cover some of the costs of travel and other needs. God seems to have a combination of ways where these things were provided for. Prayer, work and God's provision. Crunch time came where I had to confirm my position on a team that was traveling to Bangkok, the Golden Triangle and Burma. I did everything I could physically do but still did not not have enough finances to provide for my passage and I was feeling a little despondent to say the least. My Pastor kept telling me to ask the Church for financial assistance but I just couldn't. Our Church was so small and I felt that if God wanted me there, he would make a way.

The last day came and I remember hearing quite clearly someone knock on the door and announce "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it". I woke up startled and answered the door. A friend of mine had come to visit. I asked why he quoted that verse and he said that he did not quote any verse. Anyway, I spent the day with my friend and just hung out with him although I was feeling a bit down. I did not tell him about my struggles. At the end of the day as he was about to leave, he said that he felt prompted all day to give me something for my trip, then he gave me the exact amount of money I needed to cover the rest of the costs. I would not take it at first because I'm not used to getting things easily but he insisted that this is what the Lord wanted him to do and although he could not come on a missions trip himself, he felt that he was in someway sowing a seed into the kingdom. I was so grateful and thanked him for that blessing along with the Lord.

I ended up going to that short-term mission trip and it was awesome! I met some YWAM young people in the Golden Triangle who created a Christian outreach for university students and we had a wonderful time helping them with their ministry and just seeing lives changed for Christ along with so many other wonderful thing that happened in a divine way. So much so that I could probably write a book.
Anyway, I am so excited for you but know that God will make a way where there is no way and sometimes he takes you to the wire in you faith. :wink: Bless ya!