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Youth groups?

Staff Member
Talk about your youth groups here and any special events, festivals for teens happening in your area.
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Lockin infor coming soon
I will post the infor right when they tell me the infor.
When we have lockins we have soooooo much fuuuuuunnnn!
You can check out our website @ www.quail.org/tag.htm
i am afraid that the youth group @ my church is not a very good environment for praising and learning about our holy lord.
we have a high drop out rate among the highschool, and the people that do come are only interested in flirting, so we don't accomplish anything. i want to do something more, but our youth worker and i don't get along very well, and my dad has a limited scope on matters of the youth program.
because of this, i have been going to the weslyan youth group so i can get the spiritual food i need.
Have you ever heard of ATF aquire the fire, or youth conventions.... maybe you could get the youth to go to one of those... i know my youth loves them.
i'm going to Blaze(Dare to Share)soon. It will be my first time. i'm going with my youth group. To find out more about it go to www.dare2share.org . youth group is really fun. My youth group is called T-412(which stands for 1 Timothy 4:12)
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Hey Well Iam New To This Site But As I Can See Yall Are Seriious About God And Thats A Beautiful Thing. From Godschild