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You're in the Army now bro! (Numbers 1:1-4:20)

PARASHA "B'MIDBAR" (in the wilderness)

NUMBERS 1:1-4:20...................HOSEA 2:1-22.....................1 COR 12:12-20

We start our study in the book of Numbers, in the Hebrew, "B'Midbar" (in the wilderness) The English title "Numbers" is because the first part of the book deals with "numbering" the people for certain jobs, task, duties, and it all took place in the "wilderness" or some say "desert"

One might think that this book of the Torah is boring, since it just lists names, yet it has much significance. We serve our God, Adonai-Elohim-Yeshuah, because of who He is. He is a God of "order" He is very organized in all that He does. Everything and everyone in its place, in his or her place. A specific job for everyone. There are no lone rangers in God's Army.

He numbers the tribes to form the ancient IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Yet these troops did not carry Uzis, and dress in olive green uniforms, they dressed in loose fitting tunics and carried swords, knives, spears, sling-shots, and bows and arrows. Just like the armies of the world, they must have practiced daily with these weapons. One might think, where did they get them? Remember the armies of Egypt that went down-under in the Red Sea? well, dead bodies float, and so do their weapons, so, the Israelites got the weapons from the Egyptians. I am sure that in time, the Israelites learned how to make their own weapons using iron, copper, smelting furnaces, etc.

We can look at most of the armies of today's countries, and see similarities. We have the fighting forces, soldiers that train in combat arms, (infantry, artillery, mechanized unit, special forces, etc.) When I was in the Army for 11 years, I served in the office administration division (clerk typist) chaplain assistant (at that time, serving under the catholic chaplain) , food service, and finally, medical nursing unit, different jobs, different times, but always, "with a task to do"

Not everyone is the "Rambo" type, but there is a job for everyone in today's Armed Forces, no matter what country you live in. I have had the honor to serve as volunteer with the modern IDF, and as volunteer chaplain in the Armed Forces of El Salvador.

In numbering the tribes of Israel for serve in the Army, the starting age was 20 years old, in the USA, the age is 18.

However, YHVH made a distinction with the tribe of Levi, they were the "Chaplains and chaplain assistants" of ancient times. Their whole charge was to care for the Mishkan (the Tabernacle) they were of "non-combatant" status. That is the norm for today's army chaplains, they don't carry weapons, their weapon is the Word of God. The Levites had certain tasks, different family members were charged with covering and carrying the furniture of the Tabernacle, and setting it up again once at a different camp site. Everything had order, we serve a God of order.

All believers are part of God's Army of believers, our war is against HaSatan and his demons, we have the AAF (Angelic Allied Forces) on our side, we just have to know how to call upon them for help and assistance. By prayer and supplication, using the powerful name of "Yeshua" They will come to assist every believer that calls upon them.

The enemy, HaSatan, hates us all, and wants nothing more than to destroy us or ruin our testimony, destroy our families, point an accusing finger at us and say to God "Hey, and he's your son?" or "She's your daughter?" "well hey look God, do you see what your son/daughter just did?" BUT....all of our sins have been covered and atoned for, past, present, and future. Yes, we can imagine God shaking his head sometimes, and saying "oi vey, did you have to do that son/daughter?" Yet there is forgiveness, if we only repent and ask for it.

We also see that Levite ministry began at 30 years old. That was when Yeshua/Jesus began his earthly ministry, at 30 years old, in keeping with the Torah. Today, there is not set age for beginning ministry, only one has to be prepared, have a good knowledge of God's Word, and have a calling to perform a certain task, be in preaching, teaching, being a pastor or rabbi. Most have studied in a Bible college or Yeshiva, yet some have not. Dr. B.R. Laken, known as the "Prince of preachers" only had a sixth grade education, but became a circuit preacher, visiting different churches in the 1930s, riding a mule! But what ever your calling is, tend to it! you're part of HaShem's Army, don't "Sham" (Army word for "being lazy") Don't be a "shamster" The harvest is ripe, and workers are needed!

HOSEA 2:1-22

Hosea had a hard calling, He was instructed by God to marry a prostitute, and yes, she WOULD be unfaithful. Can you imagine us receiving a call like that? either to marry an unfaithful man or woman, knowing who that person was and what he or she would do? Well, Hosea did, and he STILL loved her (Gomer). She was sold into slavery, yet Hosea bought her back...and still loved her.

This is an illustration of how Israel departed from the ways of HaShem, going after strange gods, committing "adultery" against Adonai-Elohim, Yes, God would punish/chastise his people, YET, he would bring them back to himself, a remnant would be saved, many would perish, yet some would be saved, survive captivity, exile, etc. and turn back to Elohim. Yeshua HaMashiach is the WAY BACK, He is the WAY the TRUTH, and the LIFE, (Ha Derech) (Ha Emet) and (Ha Chaiyim)

If you have gone astray, it is not too late, there is a way back, HE IS!

1 CORINTHIANS 12:12-20

"There are many members, yet one body" is the message in this part of Rav Shaul's message to the Kehilah of Corinth. Corinth was a very pagan city in Greece. (I was there back in 99) the believers were very carnal, yet Paul still loved them and reached out to them with these letters. There is ONE BODY of believers, even though there are many languages, customs, skin colors, denominational names, yet we are all ONE in MESSIAH YESHUA, whether we call him by his Hebrew name "Yeshua" or English/Spanish "Jesus" or Arabic "Yisa" or Chinese "Yasu" HE knows his NAME in ALL LANGAUGES, after all, he made the languages back in Babel. And as believers in one body, we all have different jobs, and ALL working together, make the body a 'WELL OILED MACHINE" through the Spiritual gifts and abilities. Do you know yours? if not, find out! investigate! YESHUA HA MASHIACH needs YOU, for HIS ARMY.

This might be the last Parasha for a while, for a few months, we are going out of country for the summer, I may not be able to access a PC whenever I want to, yet if I can, I will continue to send out the Parashiot weekly as time permits.

Shabbat Shalom......................rabbi Ben Avraham

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