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Your views on 'pubs'

I guess it's a weird topic and the reason
I bring it up is because it's my Aunt's 80th
birthday next week and her daughter, has
arranged a 'surprise' party at a bar for her
all the family have been invited and I find I
have a real problem with this,
My Aunt is a Christian and asked her daughter
who isn't not to orginize any surprises but she
hasn't heeded her mum's request and has went
ahead and arranged this without her knowing.
My husband is not a Christian and I wont go with
him to his club when he goes, I went when I first
got saved, over 2 years ago now, and I just knew
I shouldn't have been there, I can't describe how it
was I just knew it wasnt' were Jesus wanted me to
be, and you can't speak about Jesus to people there
as it's the last thing they want to hear between
their drink and smoke, so it can't be used for his purpose
I suppose that's what came across so strong when I did
that at that time and I've never been to anywhere since,
What do you's think on this, my good Christian friend once
told me that the first person who will tell a christian person if a thing
is right or wrong to do is an nonchristian and she's right,
as my husband's first words were, oh you cant go to that
your a Christian, made me feel good, especially coming from
him. I'm keen to know your views they won't make me change
my mind, but will be interesting to see if there are differances.
Lordbless your comments.
I'm not comfortable in Bar's either. While I'm sure your aunt's daughter thinks she is doing something special for her 80th birthday. I don't know how Bars are in Ireland, but in the U.S. people go to Bars to drink. So if this is intended to be a drinking party it sounds inappropriate and your aunt may not be comfortable.

If, however, the Bar is more like a restaurant where drinks are also served.... and there is a room reserved for dinner and a birthday party.... and it's primary goal is to celebrate your aunt, I would think it's OK to attend... some will drink and some won't.
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Good point pappa. Bars here in the US are typically meant for gathering and drinking (and many times for dragging your friends home LOL). Well, me personally I have outgrown that scene since I got saved 3 years ago and I frankly hate the bars and the smell of smoke nonetheless. I do agree to a certain degree that if it is *mainly* a restaurante with a bar/drinks served that is acceptable because obviously the main purpose is the food. But again, there some sleaziness in those kinds here in the US. It is for you to determine what this place is, perhaps drive by or peek in, get a general idea and then make your final stand for Jesus. If it is a "bar" kind I honestly would not go and prove my point to so and so people. Afterall, the one who the party is for is not comfortable with the idea in the first place. Shouldn't she be the first to be happy at the party?
thank you all for your much appreciated input, and I have
whole heartedly agree with what you've said on the subject,
and yes, it is a bar for drinking in not a restaurant come bar,
i do know what you mean we do have them also, and I have been
in them restaurants with my parents and my husband because
the bar is usually out of eye sight distance, but its not the case
in this one, I was in this one before I was a Christain, and not
proud to say so, and it's main object is drink and smoking.
I am having a bit of time over with my Mum and she is a Christian
she doesn't attend church, as she has pains, but she is for
going to it, I can understand it's her sister and she is a Christian
also but neither go to church, I think when you stop fellowshipping
and hearing the word of God preached you are like the ember that
falls from the fire you grow cold by yourself, and I do think this
has happended to them both, although my Dad who is also saved
says it's okay to go, and he does go to church the Brethren
but I am making my own mind up, well with much prayer and
I am not going and they can get on at me as much as they want
over it. I'm making my stand for my belief in Jesus so Amen.
Thank you so Much Al for your words of encouragement
very much appreciated, I sometimes don't feel 'strong'
in my faith, I feel I don't do enough for Jesus, I try
to get a word in here and there when in conversation
but would love to do more, there is a new church being
assembled soon in my parents area and I have wrote to
the couple involved in this offering my assistance, so perhaps
there may be something there that Jesus will use me for, I'm
praying so.
Thank you again, Al, it did me good to be told your words.
Thank you God for ministering them to Al on my behalf.