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Your Prayers are Needed Greatly

I know this girl and she is addicted to so many drugs and cigarettes. She has accepted Jesus into her heart, but battles everyday, perverse and unGodly voices in her head. The doctors put her on medication, but to me it truly sounds like she is possessed by satan. She prays often and has to deal with ugly words about God and all goodness in her head and she gets terrible perverse thoughts too. Her battle with addiction is hard on her, because she feels so empty when she is straight. I truly believe that she loves God deeply and has accepted Jesus Christ as her saviour, but I believe she needs lots of prayers to rid her of satan and all the addictions that he has given her. She says that her spirit is dying and that she will die soon too, if she doesn't quit drugs and feel happy without doing drugs. She always puts herself down and can't believe that she is loved. I believe that her spirit is very weak, but I believe that she honestly loves God and is a good person. This woman is a mother too and she hides all these problems from her children, even though they probably are aware of some of the problems. Please pray for her, because satan is going to kill her, if she doesn't become healed by God. And what a pity it would be, if satan killed this woman that loves God and loves her children. Please pray that satan be completely taken from this woman's life and that she becomes happy in spirit and renewed in her love for God and please pray so much, because satan is truly killing both her and her spirit.

thank you prayer friends
Staff Member
Hi Pixie I will pray for her don't you worry. You pray faithfully as others and I will do too. Keep reminding her that GOD will work through her and cleanse her entirely :)
The Petition of Fear


The One who Cries in the Wilderness

Fear, it seems at one time or another we all feel fear.

What is it about fear that we flee from it?

What is it that makes you get such a strong feeling when it is upon you?

Self, this is the motivator of all fear.

No one has the power to cause you to feel fear.

Fear comes from not knowing who you are.

You are Spirit, and as such fear has no power over you.

When you give in to temptation, then fear becomes manifested into your lives.

What is it that allows fear to affect you?

The fear of losing ones life?

Is it the fear of losing ones possessions?

Is it the fear of illness?

Or even the harm of bodily pain.

All theses things will happen at one time or another.

And so, on and on we can go, as many as there are thoughts, there will be fears.

These are material things and will come and go as the weather.

You are not a material being, but by believing so you identify yourself as the body,

And so these things have power over you.

You believe yourselves to be flesh, an ego, with your own personality.

You have become self, and become accustomed to think you are.

When you first opened your eyes at your birth, you became, in your eyes, separated from your Mother physically, taken out of the Garden, where all things where provided for you, and so with tears in your eyes you felt alone and lost without knowing that you carried your mother and father’s Spirits in you, and because of this, you have remained one with them.

Your Mother and Father where now to be your Comforters.

They have agreed through your birth, to feed you, nourish you; and supply you with all the teachings of the knowledge of Life.

To cultivate and define your Spirit. They have become your Shepard’s.

They where created so that you, their gift, where to be a part of a purpose to be fulfilled.

That purpose was is that it would let them see you and not themselves.

All things happen from good, understand this.

When you do something that makes you think about if it was right or wrong, you bite the apple from the tree and have become faced with the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

By seeing through the eyes of the Spirit which are your natural eyes, you will not see the Evil.

But if you look through the eyes of the flesh, then Evil becomes your temptation.

The only way to overcome it is to bring the Spirit alive within you.

As like the birth of your children, so too, shall the Spirit be born.

And like children, with enough nurturing it too, will become stronger in your Life.

When you start to acknowledge your Spirit, your Promise of Eternal Life begins to grow.

You will find yourself less concerned about the world, and more concerned about the Living Spirits in it.

You have eyes and cannot see.

You see each other on the outside, and not the Spirit on the inside.

You need to start using the eyes that cannot see the man, but can see his Spirit.

This is the Truth spoken of by the Father.

“He who is without Sin cast the first stone”

I pray that all men will open their eyes, but I lament because not all, will and they will return to dirt as with all their worldly treasures and lose something the world will never give them, Life.

Behold the world today, what do you see?

Pray for their forgiveness and Petition the Father for the Salvation of their Spirits.

Praise you Father for all you have revealed to me,

Your Faithful Witness

Check Out The Past

Dear Pixie ... Your Friend May Have Many Things Going On At Once . First Of All , Her Reborn Spirit Will Never Die Because Of The Redemptive Blood Of Jesus Christ !!! So Fear Not . However The Issues May Go Much Deeper Than Simple Demon Possesion . The Spirit Does Not Die , But It Can Become Grieved . Ask Your Friend About Her Roots , Like Were Her Parents Substance Abuseres , Or Was Her Childhood Enviroment Stable Or Unstable . If So , She May Be Battling Generational Curses That Must Be Broken . Break All Strongholds Or Familliar Spirits In The Name Of Jesus . Then Your Friend Must Somehow Try To Cleanse Her Body Of The Effects Of Substance Abuse . Drug Abuse Causes Chemical Imbalances In The Brain And Can Cause Some Of The Symptoms You Described . Remember ... The Word Is Described As Water Used For Washing The Soul And Renewing The Mind . The Spirit Must Be Feed Daily Through Scripture Reading And Prayer . These Are Just Suggestions To Maybe Help You , And I Am Not Minnimizing Your Friends Issues . I Too Was Addicted In The Past So I Am Speaking From Past Experience . God Has Already Made Your Friend Complete In Her Spirit , But The Soul Takes Work And Commitment In The Word Of God . Paul Tells Us .. We Should Work Out Our Salvation With Fear And Trembling . I Will Pray For You And Your Friend To Find Favor With This Situation . Remember .. Nothing Can Sepperate Us From The Love Of God !!! Mike ...brothersinarmst4g