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Your phone is listening to you through your TV

television emitting undetectable frequencies to cell phone - Google Search

A friend of mine in cyber securit a friend of mine in cybersecurity told me about this. I was not sure at first so I did my own research and discovered this.

Pretty much some TV ads and computer ads emit an undetectable sound frequency that you cannot hear, your phone is always listening and picks up that tune. It communicates to the advertisers what you are watching so they can better track you.
Actually, the newer television sets have been doing that for a couple of years, monitoring conversations etc. It's more for government watch that advertising at this point. Of course for me, its all mute because I don't watch TV anyway.

There is another action taking place also, through the camera on your computer , ipad, smart phone etc. the government can see you even when you have these turned off or are not on the internet. That's a bit creepy to me.