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Young mother with cancer

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by all4jesus17, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. I have a cousin who's 24 or 25 and she had a baby in november. They found out she has a tumor on her liver and they dont know why. We just found out not long ago that she has cancer of the liver. She had to take a biopsy on her shoulder because there are spots there and she cant lift anything over 10 pounds and thats what her baby is. So please my brothers and sisters, if we can come together in agreement for her healing. We KNOW that God is useing this for his Glory and with Faith we can move mountians! So Please Pray! God Bless You!!
  2. Yes LOrd, i agree right now with the faith and prayer. In Jesus name... Amen

    God bless you too sister Melanie. May the Lord help me to remember your cousin in my prayers as well. Amen

    Sister in Christ,

  3. I am joining in prayer for your cousin and her family.
  4. Thank you both so much! I know that it's prayer that is keeping this family strong and it means alot that more people are beleiveing in her healing. God Bless You!!
  5. Me too all4jesus17 in an agreement and in prayers for your cousin and the family.

    Dear Heavenly Father we come to you lifting this cousin and family up asking for your protection and healing power. Bring peace and comfort and your very present help in this time of need and through the testing and biospy bring a calmness and bring gentle and kind people to help her through this.

    Your sister in Christ, Trish
  6. Ty trishann! God Bless You :).
  7. GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!!! She went to the doctor 2day and they said that she looks good, she hasnt lost weight which is a good thing, and............her STAGE 4 CANCER DROPPED TO A STAGE 3!!!!!!!!!!! TY TY TY TY TY LORD FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!! SIBEY IS HEALED! IT IS DONE AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!! :D
  8. Praise the Lord o my soul
    And all that is within me
    Praise His holy name

    Praise the Lord o my soul
    And forget not His benefits
    He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases

    Psalm 103:1-3

    Praise His Holy name beloved. God bless you.
  9. Father, we Commit this young Mother to you.
    WE ask for healing of this stage 3 cancer, Lord.
    We know nothing is impossible to you.....

    Guide the hands of the Dr.if surgery is necessary Lord, and heal as you have my daughter.
    I ask in Jesus name, in accordance to your will. amen
  10. I'm so sorry you guys. I got it mixed up when I heard she was stage 4 and then lowered to stage 3. That was a misunderstanding with my family and it wasnt that. She did improve though. She still needs prayer and i ty for your prayers already. God Bless!! There is NOTHING God cant do!! :D
  11. Will be praying as well...

    God bless
  12. Ty Fellowservant!!
    God Bless :)
  13. you've got it sister, i will be praying and as you had said all things are possible through Christ our Lord. and before we can see it He already has it under control. Godbless you and your family love in Christ.
  14. Father, I pray your continued hand upon this situation.....
    You know the need of this young Mother, and you know her future .

    We ask for healing Lord, for the sake of the child, and her, but also desire
    to commit her totally to your will, and your purpose.

    We see through a glass ,darkly, but you know all things, past present, and future.
    Into your hands we desire her care.
    We cast this care on you, in Jesus name, Amen
  15. Lord Jesus let this lady know your mercy, grace and healing nature at this time.


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