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Young Man on Life-Support

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Br. Bear, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Greetings,

    I ask you to please pray.... please, please, please pray for a lad named Rhys, who is in hospital on life-support after a road accident.
    Rhys left my sons house last night and had an accident. Jethro, one of my sons, rang early this morning asking for prayer for Rhys, as his mother (Rhys's mother) feared brain damage. I received news this afternoon that Rhys was on life support. Also a request for lots of prayer.

    So, please dear brothers and sisters, please pray for his healing.

    When I think about how serious this is and if it were one of my boys, I am compelled to earnestly pray.

    Another friend of Jethro's, Cassie, also needs prayers please... a week or so ago, she was in Jethro's new car, when it rolled three times. Cassie was airlifted to hospital suffering concussion. She is out now, but having head pains, and she blacks out sometimes.

    Again, we must pray as if it were our very own children.

    The Lord is able to heal, so, please pray for Rhys and Cassie.

    In Jesus name,

    thank you,

    and may you be blessed as you pray,

    Br. Bear
  2. How terrible ! I'll pray for Rhys and Cassie
  3. Brother, I've been praying for full recovery.

    Father I ask that your healing hand will rest upon Rhys and Cassie.
    I praise you Lord, you are mighty and nothing is impossible for you.
  4. Thank you sisters,

    and thank you all who have and will pray. I will let you know how Rhys is as I here more news.

    Bless you, and again on behalf of Rhys, thank you

    Bless you, and again on behalf of Cassie, thank you

    in Jesus name,

    Br. Bear

    ps.... Yes God is able...

    please join in prayer for these two needy souls praying in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost....amen
  5. Thank you brother....

    Lord hear us from Heaven.
  6. This should be convicting enough. In Jesus' name I pray for both of them to be healed.

    I will keep them in prayer brother and I'm glad you brought this request to our attention. May the Father's will be done. I worry to much about such accidents that can easily happen. I hate to admit it, but its true. Worrying is a pain in the heart that aggravates the soul greatly. Let us just keep faith in Christ and not worry about tomorrow.
  7. I will lift them up in my prayers and pray for God's perfect and Holy will be done.
  8. Thank you brothers,

    we have been set free from fear by the blood of Christ, wherein God loved us, and still does, eternally so, and in His love there is no fear. Therefore we can minister peace to troubled souls.

    Please continue to pray for Rhys. His condition is now stable although still CRITICAL. I believe the Lord has touched him and is preserving him for greater things, and to fill him with His joy.

    Please also pray comfort for his mum & dad and his younger brother.

    Pour out your heart to the Lord in prayer, and delight in Him.

    I spoke to Cassie and she seemed bright and happy, but please continue to pray for her too.

    Also, please pray that Jethro will be able to minister to them both in power and love to the glory of God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son by the Holy Ghost.

    On behalf of these souls, thank you

    and bless you...><>

    Br. Bear
  9. Thank you Br. Bear for posting - have prayed for them (((hugs)))
  10. Bless you pray-ers,

    Rhys is still unconscious, with head wounds, and breathing/food support.

    They will attempt to bring him out of coma in a couple of days. His family seem to be OK.

    Please continue to pray for full and rapid (miraculous) recovery. Also, please ask that the folks who are close to him, young and old, will be strengthened in their faith, and comforted by the Lord.

    The youngsters in his region are shaken up by this accident, and I pray they learn from it, and stay safe.

    Cassie could still use your prayers... please.

    I have informed someof his close friends that we are praying from all around the world, so thank you


    Bless you...><>

    Br. Bear

    ps.... please also pray for Sadie, the daughter of a dear brother, Johnny M. She has a strange growth on her eye, has headaches and and now experiencing nausea and vomiting. Sadie is only 11 years old.... she needs our prayers, so please also pray for Jesus name. thank you.
  11. He is Jehovah raphael

    I am praying for God to manifest himself as Jehovah the healer in the lives of Rhys,Cassie and Sadie

    'by his stripes we were healed'

    Yours in christ

  12. I'll be praying brother.
    These names are on my lips.

    To God be the glory, for he is our healer, deliverer, comforter and provider.
  13. On behalf of family friends and loved ones,

    Thank you so very much!

    Rhys is in a drug induced coma, and when they reduced the medication to bring him out, the swelling and problems in his head/brain worsened, so they are keeping him sedated for longer.
    Jethro told me that when he visited, Rhys blinked his eyes, and Jethro was very positive about this.
    If you could include Jethro in your prayers please, because he is carrying a lot right now...thanks.

    The Lord showed me something today.

    If we drop something of some value, we tend to think nothing of getting on our knees to pick it up. If it is broken, we stay on our knees until we find every little bit.
    When we see someone we love, or someone who Jesus loves, fallen or dropped or we get down on our knees to lift them up, to pick up the pieces for Jesus?

    In the Scriptures we read of the friends who picked up and carried their friend to a crowded house, and then went to the roof to lower their needy friend down to lay at the feet of Jesus ....
    The Scripture tell us that when Jesus saw THEIR faith, the ones who carried their friend...... He healed their friend. Luke 5:18-26

    Please if you could, please get to your knees and carry Rhys to the Lord in your prayers..... please

    I ask with tears that you can not see..... please?

    Bless you ...><>

    and thank you again

    Br. Bear
  14. Update ... Thank You Lord

    Thank you every one who has been praying for young Rhys

    I have just had news from Jethro that Rhys is improving!

    He is now breathing by himself and although the life support is still assisting him, he is doing it himself... with God's help.

    He opened one eye, right one, and was looking around. The other is wounded. He may need face/cheek reconstruction with titanium support.

    He is getting better.. even trying to remove drips, etc.

    A long way to go yet, but I thank the Lord for His healing, and for you dear folk who have prayed.

    Please continue to pray, and give thanks to the Lord.

    Haven't heard news about Cassie for a few days, so please also continue to pray for her.

    May the Lord make Himself know to them both.

    Please also continue to pray for Sadie...please.

    Thank you all and may you know the peace of God in Jesus Christ the Lord in YOUR lives..... always.

    Bless you ...><>

    Br. Bear
  15. praying..

    ok br.bear..

    i'll pray for them..

  16. Update on Sadie, Cassie & Rhys

    The mercy of God in Jesus Christ is great.

    News on Sadie, Cassie and Rhys...

    First, thank you so much for praying. At times I feel so feeble and I ask you to please pray with me in agreement for healing. I only know what I pray, but the Lord knows your prayers, and He loves you and delights in your love and faith as you pray for others.... bless you.

    I was praying a couple of nights ago that Rhys would open his eyes. Apparently, about the same time, Jethro, who was visiting Rhys in hospital, witnessed Rhys open his eyes and follow him around as he moved. Rhys also firmly squeezed Jethro's hand. I don't know about you, but this is exciting! Thank you Jesus, and I ask that Rhys knows that you are his healer and redeemer.
    I am told that Rhys's older brother just had a car accident! With his wife and children in the vehicle. That's all I know just now. Please keep Rhys's family in prayer.

    Could you please also keep praying for the mother of Rhys? Please.

    Also pray that Jethro is bold in sharing Jesus and that the Lord would grant him gifts to testify and minister with, that others will believe, and that Jethro has the Word to speak, so that in hearing, others will believe.

    I spoke with Cassie. She has not had a blackout for a couple of days. There is talk of a head scan. May Cassie be totally healed, and if scanned may there be rejoicing in Jesus that she is healed.

    Johnny mailed me and tells me that Sadie has been examined and the strange growth that couldn't be determined is now considered a cyst, and is reasonably harmless. Please pray that Sadie is spared any operations, and that her eyes be healed and whole, in Jesus name.

    Thank you again.

    Bless you ...><>

    Br. Bear
  17. Brother Bear, thank you for the update, we serve a mighty God.

    These request are being offered up to the father.

    God bless
  18. Thank you ...><>

    Thank you for your prayers.

    I heard from Johnny today, about Sadie.... the specialist found nothing of any concern, and no operation is needed. Johnny is so thankful to all who have prayed through this eye problem for Sadie, and also so thankful to Jesus .... let's join him in thanksgiving and praise!

    Jethro tells me that Rhys has been taken off life support, is out of intensive care and doing much better. He thanks all for their praying. This has also strengthened Jethro in his faith. Please pray that through the whole ordeal that Rhys has gone through, it will lead him to Jesus.... and that Rhys will realise how much he is loved by the Saviour. Also continue to pray, please, for Rhys's quick recovery, full use of his wounded eye, healing in his shouder and restoration to his cheek bones.... and please remember his family. Thank you.

    No new news from Cassie.... so let's just keep praying for her, in Jesus name.....amen

    Thank you again everyone who has been praying for these three youngsters. I know there are a lot of needs in this world, so you have blessed me in taking your time to care for my friends....

    Bless you ...><>

    Br. Bear
  19. An Update on Rhys,

    One of my son's tells me that Rhys is now sitting in chairs, and talking. He is still having trouble standing and walking, and has poor memory of only days before.....


    you guessed it!

    PLEASE continue to pray for this young man, not only for healing but also for restoration to the Lord, by His grace, in Jesus name.

    Again, thank you all so much for taking time to pray for Ryhs. May God bless each one of you richly in Christ Jesus the Lord as you give of your life that others may receive His blessings.

    Bless you ....><>

    Br. Bear

    no recent news of Cassie and Sadie
  20. I have prayed for the healing for Rhys and Cassie and their families as well. I know God hears us all and He will not turn a deaf ear to us!

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