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You Or God Working?

There's a very fine line, actually a hairline division, whether or not you are working for God or God is working in you and through you.Gal.2:20 says that it is no longer I, you who live but Christ lives in you, me, us. And that this life that we live now, we live by faith of the Son of God who loves us and gave HImself for us.So, Christ lives in us.He's the one working in us to please God the Father.But we can disregard him and do the work for him.But tht will be of no benefit because when the Judgment Day comes, our work or good deeds will be pass through the fire and if it burns, we have no reward(I Cor.3:13,14).But if Jesus in us doing the work for God the Father, when pass throught the fire, it will not burn therefore, we get our pay or reward.That's why we must make sure that jesus is the one working in us by confessing, Jesus it's you in me singing in the choir praising you, or giving this alms to that beggar, etc.So, when it pass through the fire it'll not be burned because it is tag, in Jesus name.So the glory does not belong to you but to Jesus alone. For it is He who did it, that good thing,you as a vessel for His glory.That's why when others praise you, we must eply, To God be the glory! Knowing full well that it's not us who is good and every superlative adjectives, but it is Jesus Christ our Lord. God bless us.
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Good thread. This is true and we must remember this.

We should not try to be "God" but only "godlike" aka Christ-like. GOD has infinite power and love, therefore is willing to do works for you through Jesus Christ, things that we alone cannot ever accomplish.
That was extremely well put, I must compliment you on that, well said, and I do agree, it can be hard to know if it is our doing or God's through us, how really do we know which?
Do you know?
I suppose there are things we would really not do of our own doing so that would have to be God's leading, Amen.
Heat and Presence

This brings to mind the Heat and Presence factor of the Holy Spirit.God made us in His Image Jesus that is. I see it this way when your facing the light you experience a distinct Giver Receiver thing.When your out in the world that Light is shining through you.When life is really full of Heat and Presence of the Holy Spirit.It's pretty easy not to get lost in" Iness" . My Belief is that there is too much of the spirit of suspuician when it comes to A Persons Identity and there actions as a Christian.We can read where Jesus Gives the Apostles the Holy Spirit and sends out the Apostles to the sheep and they performed miracles of healing. Now I just said "They" performed miracles of healing.I could have said that the Holy Spirit performed Miracles through the Apostles .Either is acceptable and dosnt Change the reality of the events. If The Lord is at full strength in someone there is no doubt who is what and how.I hope everyone Is doing Well Shalom Christan
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