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You must agree

You must agree that it seems like sad times when

Our government is passing laws to allow men to marry men,passing laws to allow men to go into the women's bathroom, and has passed laws to give a mother the right to kill her unborn child. And I should add mayor's issuing subpoenas for pastor sermons, college campuses no longer a welcomed place to talk about Jesus, and people flocking to the LGBT agenda like its the latest flavor of ice cream.
Since when did it make sense or become "cool" to support a lifestyle that by nature is destructive. If everyone decided to be homosexual all of earth's population would die in one generation because of no reproduction, but we don't see the inherent biological incompatibility in that?

Take a step back and really think about that.

Yea this country is not on a good trajectory. Definitely don't see how anyone can argue that such a path leads closer to God.

But I don't say that to alarm you, Jesus told us these things would happen and we know how the story ends, with our victory. So stay encouraged and don't get distracted by the enemy, stay focused on making disciples not wasting energy arguing with the enemies distractions.
The key always is to trust in the Lord in the worst of times as well as in the best. If we are really trusting in men without trusting in God we are reaping our best reward right now.

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