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You Matter Also!

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Set Free!, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Heb. 13:22: And I beseech you,
    brethren, suffer the word of
    *exhortation: for I have written a
    letter unto you in few words.

    def. 1. A communication intended
    to urge or persuade the recipients
    to take some action. earnest
    attempt at persuasion.

    There are many members on this
    site that may feel inadequate,
    overwhelmed and possibly 'inferior'
    when they view some of the posts
    or replies. Some they feel are just
    'monstrous' compared to what they
    would like to say.

    Well, stop feeling like this! You are
    part of the magnificient plan of
    Almighty God! Eph. 1:9

    He wants and longs for you to be
    used in His Body! Even on this
    Christian web site!

    My brothers and sisters who stay
    silent, view posts and never
    contribute, I challenge and exhort
    you in Jesus to do so!

    You are God's 'masterpiece' that
    needs to be heard!

    Eph:2:10: For we are his workmanship,
    created in Christ Jesus unto good works,
    which God hath before ordained that we
    should walk in them.

    We are 'all' equal at foot of Christ's
    cross! Acts 10:34.

    We are 'all' important to God no matter
    what we might think we are compared
    to others!

    1Co:12:22: Nay, much more those
    members of the body, which seem
    to be more feeble, are necessary:

    1Co:12:23: And those members of
    the body, which we think to be less
    honourable, upon these we bestow
    more abundant honour; and our
    uncomely parts have more abundant

    1Co:12:24: For our comely parts have
    no need: but God hath tempered the
    body together, having given more
    abundant honour to that part which

    1Co:12:25: That there should be no
    schism in the body; but that the
    members should have the same care
    one for another.

    You might feel small like the smallest
    of seeds, the mustard seed, in
    God's garden.

    But you are 'growing' in 'Him'!

    Matt:13:32: Which indeed is the least
    of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is
    the greatest among herbs, and
    becometh a tree, so that the birds of
    the air come and lodge in the branches

    You 'silent' ones are like an ornate
    coffee cup made of expensive bone
    China. Beautiful, pastel painted,
    detailed flowers and leaves adorning
    it's outside.

    But the cup is 'put' away and hidden in
    a closet or cupboard from eyes that
    cannot behold it's beauty!

    It is not serving the use of what it was
    intended for! Matt. 5:13.

    No one will be able to 'drink' from the
    mouth of this vessel! You are a vessel
    unto honor made by the Hand of God!

    Brethren, you might have the 'Word'
    someone is desperate for, praying,
    fasting and seeking the Lord about!

    A word of 'comfort' that God has put
    on your heart to minister to someone
    that is hurting so bad! An experience
    that you have had in God whereby
    others can be stregnthened and
    encouraged. 2Cor.1:4.

    Don't let that 'blessing' be passed on
    to another!

    I as others on this site are waiting for
    'our' cups to be 'filled' with the
    refreshing water of God's Word that
    you 'need' to impart to us! Eph.5:26.

    And we need to eat 'meat' that some
    of you have been given from the
    Lord's table! Heb.5:12-14.

    Come and bring the Word of the Lord
    and share the 'fresh' manna!

    May the Holy Spirit minister to those that
    need this Word of the Lord!

    Acts 20:27: For I have not shunned to
    declare unto you all the counsel of God.

    God Bless!

    Your brother in Christ,
  2. good post SetFree, great encouragement too. Let every joint supply.Amen.
  3. What a wonderful message, Setfree! It makes me want to post more, without fear of being inferior. It's so wonderful that we have such a God, that values even the most timid people, and those who feel unimportant.
  4. Great post brother thank you for share. It was very encouraging and uplifting.

    God bless!
  5. You Matter Too!

    Thank you brethren for the kind
    words of support!

    My prayer is that 'they' will 'all'
    respond to the message and
    become a 'poured' out vessel
    of God's Love!

    God Bless!

    Your brother in Christ,
  6. Thank you Joe. You have just confirmed what God has been saying to me about myself. :embarasse
  7. Cheers

    Thank you. Great words to store in the heart :love:
  8. :thumbs_up :thumbs_up
    Great message!
  9. Im afraid I fit this to a tee. I am awed by this forum , I am not that great at writting what I feel and after the inspiring things I have read on here I think I can never messure up. Thanks for shareing this I will try to post more and share. I have been helped greatly by alot of the post on here. I want to do the same for someone else.
  10. Set Free, this was really needed, God Bless You. Did the Lord tell you to post this message, 'cuz I suspect alot of people may feel this way.
    I frequently feel inadequate here, and I know that is not right. I still post, but it is hard to do sometimes because of a little fear or shyness. But some topics are just waaaaaaaaay over my head. my brain hurts

    Thanks again
    :love: Calluna

  11. God Bless you my beloved sister!

    Did the Lord tell me to me to post
    this message?

    Yes indeed! The Holy Spirit
    started to 'birth' this message
    in me the other day while
    I was 'shaving'! :eek:mg:

    And then it got 'real' strong when
    I noticed the same people,
    God bless them, were posting and
    replying but hardly any others!

    With such a staggering number
    of members on Talk Jesus it didn't
    make any sense to me!

    Everything I post or reply to is
    prayed, over, 'fasted' over and
    sometimes even 'cried' over
    before I submit!!

    1Peter 4:11: If any man speak,
    let him speak as the oracles of
    God; if any man minister,let him
    do it as of the ability which God
    giveth: that God in all things may
    be glorified through Jesus Christ,
    to whom be praise and dominion
    for ever and ever.

    Thank you Calluna for your honesty
    and candor.

    God Bless,

  12. "Be ye perfect even as your Heavenly Father is perfect." (Mt 5:48)
    So many people look at this Scripture and similar quotes and then they look at what they write on this message board and say to themselves "I'm not good enough! I'm doomed to fail."

    I remember a story that Billy Graham tells on himself: One day, when he was young and brand-new in the ministry, doing one of his very first meetings, he was walking down the main street of this very small town. He stopped one of the locals and asked directions to the post office. The local fellow gave him the directions and then said, "You're new here, aren't you?" Billy said, "Yes, I am." The fellow asked him what he had come to town for. Billy said, "I'm a preacher. I'm here to show people the way of salvation." "How you gonna do that?" the local fellow asked, "You can't even find the post office!"
    When he made us, God factored in allowances for our imperfections. He does not expect us to do anything flawlessly. The word "perfect" as it appears in Scripture usually means "mature, focused". It almost never means "flawless".

    We learn to do by doing; we learn to compose messages for this site by composing messages for this site. It takes practice and a willingness to learn. I love what I heard motivational speaker Zig Ziglar say: "Anything that is worth doing is worth doing badly until you get it right."

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