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You know why? Because Jesus is here.

In last two days. I was suffering for my study.
Generally I am ok with my study.
But this time tutor brought some Market Models, such as Arch, or Garch(1,1). If you dont know, please dont try to know them. They kill people who want to understand them.
I feel like a fool before the models. I was thinking that maybe I spent too much time on talkJesus.
Tonight still no idea.
I brought my laptop in the library and replied for a email from christian brother.
I didn't write anything for the 20% of all score test (the market Models thing)
I sit at a coner and be happied to surfing on christian forum, leaving all my trouble alone.
For a reason I dont know, one of my classmate passed by, which he shouldnt , if he wants go out the buliding)
and he asked me about the test. Honestly, I said I tried my best but I couldnt do anything.
He helps me figure them out.
Do you know why? Because Jesus is in my life, and He is in your lives too.:love:
Jesus is LORD



and he will brings these things to pass

Hi Al :thumbs_up

Welcome to Jesustalk Brother. I hope you have a home here

All Praise the Ancient of Days
Jesusisthegod, you always make me smile, when yu tell us about your studies and how Jesus helps you through. You know I can really identify with you on many fo the things that happen for you as this is how I live my life eveyday and it is so Awesome and so far from boring tht is for sure. The Lord has helped me with and through so many things and I know that they are only possible with Him. I enjoy surrendering to Him everyday and letting him lead the way.
Thank You again for always sharing with us.

Yours in Him! :rose:
God Bless, Love, Peace and Prayers,