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You know better than I

My family and I four wheel a lot, it's a great activity and a wonderful chance to get out doors and out of the house, while having a lot of fun with the family. Well, I learned a lesson this last time we went.
There is always a leader in front, and if they see something dangerous or get caught in something dangerous, they can warn off the riders behind them, which they otherwise couldn't see. But the leader could because he'd already encountered it or saw it ahead. Rough terrain, a step incline, soft sand to get stuck in, and so on.
I realized how much this is like God. How often we go speeding ahead having fun, mindless to the danger ahead of us. Blind to what could happen. But Jesus sees all and waves us off, pointing out the rough spots ahead. He may point us to a dangerous and unpleasant road, but it may be to save us from bigger harm. Jesus is the leader in this case, and he could see before us a sharp cliff at the end of our path. To save us from dieing, or severely injuring ourselves, he tells us to go a certain way that may be painful, and may seem like the wrong and uncomfortable way. But really, the painful path was to save us from a far worse path, he could see what we could not, and so directed us to a much better place.
He always knows much better than we do, and when we choose to follow him, we save ourselves from an even more unpleasant situation. Know that God is in control, and even though it may be hard to understand, remember that God has a plan, and he only wants the best for our lives. He loves us, and the pain may seem too big too handle right now, but in the end you'll find he had a far greater plan and destiny for you, to lead you to true and everlasting joy. Keep hanging in there, you're his child, and he'll come when you cry.
Your sis in Jesus.