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You got to stop hiding form "THE TRUTH" and hoping you are going to make it in and place the thoughts in the back or your mind.

For this is the DAY, now is the time, inquire now. about Salvation, tomorrow might be to late. Your life is depended on it, Do not take the chance, Do not take the Chance. And do not trust these Preachers and do not give your hand to the Pastors. especially when they say it is alright. GOD forgives, now repeat after me, now go you are saved. Now believe it. for if you believe it you are saved. Or i was baptize when i was 10.

You got to get serious. and make every effort. To make sure. You must be "BORN FROM ABOVE" not "Born again" but "BORN of GOD" not a new way of thinking. or a new person now, or i am living a new life now. No, you must become a "NEW CREATURE" and not the same kind of CREATURE that came out of your mothers womb. But this new birth comes out of HEAVEN, The Real HEAVEN. And you cannot birth yourself. it is impossible to do so. Your 1st birth came from mothers womb, this Birth come out of The REAL HEAVEN straight into your body! Like a "symbiosis" in you! That never has been in you! Living in you alive and moving. And your 1st thought, this cannot be real. But it is and it is from "GOD" and this is the beginning of "True FAITH" because "THE PARACLETE" is in you know. The ADVOCATE. is moving in you. and It blows your mind. This only happens in the Sci-fi movies. you will say to your self, And to others, How long has this been going on. And every morning you wake and wondering is this real. And it is, and the only who knows about this are those who also have "The PARACLETE" living in them as well. Now and only now have you become a "Child of GOD" for you have now been Born of GOD.. Now your eyes are open to "The TRUTH".

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