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You don't mind? </3

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Nicolebrooks, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. I need so many, many prayers for so many different things- But I just want to focus on two of them right now.


    I need to get out of my shameful sin. I'm not going to say what it is because... Jesus knows. If I could just get this out of my life, I'd be so much closer to Him.

    And secondly,

    I'm having problems with my heart. It races for no reason and theres not really anything I can do about it. I've been to the ER twice for it- And if I go a third time? They'd just to an X-ray, a EKG and bloodwork... Again. So, nothing I can do. The last doctor I seen in the ER said it's probably from stress, and I don't doubt that one bit.

    Thank you, for whoever just says a single prayer for me. I really need it.

    God bless you guys. <3
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    Father God we praise you, we lift up your Holy Name. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Father create in me a clean heart, forgive me of my unrighteousness , wash me so I can be clean, so my request may be heard.

    Lord I bring Nicole to you right now, father you know her heart and her struggles, you know her past, her disappointments and her hunger for you. Forgive her of her sins, let them no longer entice her, remove the appetite for that sin she wants freedom from. Help her to forgive herself, remind her each day is a new day. No more shame but pride to be your Child Father. There's no shame after forgiveness only freedom, so Lord break those chains around her neck, let the joy of salvation renew her mind. Give her a song to sing. Draw her close to you Lord, everything that is not of you that's blocking her spiritual growth remove it and leave no stain.

    Father we ask that you bring forth the reason behind the heart problem, reveal it to the doctors and to her. Remove the spirit of anxiety give her a sound mind. You are the God that heals. you are the giver of life. Bring to light activities that would be a benefit to her health and remove those that are a danger.

    I thank you Lord, for giving us life, bless us, protect us and feed our hunger so we can be who YOU want us to be. I thank you Lord for hearing our request.
  3. Hi Nicole! I am gladly praying for you to be delivered. God has given us His wonderful Holy Spirit to dwell within us. If we start to learn the meaning of walking in communion with Him, if we begin to include Him in every area of our daily lives things will change. An otherwise powerful temptation that comes our way will quickly be muted if we are keenly aware that the One who loves us most is standing right there with us. It is not in our heart to grieve our beautiful Companion and when we dwell on the fact that He is right there with us.
    I am praying about your heart condition. There are 2 physical factors that can be easily controlled- 1 is a high sugar intake and the other is caffeine. Many times it is just stress.
    My mother in law had a condition like that all her life. My wife also had a similar problem and over the years (30 of them) we went to the ER, doctors and etc, only to have the problem clear up before they could diagnose it. Watching my wife suffer and sometimes turn gray was no fun.
    Well we prayed a lot about this.
    God sometimes touches and heals directly and sometimes uses Doctors. They afterall only have the tools and the medicines who's properties He designed for them to find.
    Well the good news for us happened when my wife's cardiologist was on vacation (during a routinely scheduled visit). The Doctor who took over for him that week ordered a Cardio-Net. This device is worn for a solid month and generally will detect what a short one minute or even a couple of days halter monitor won't. It sends continual real time data to a monitoring station and has an event button that is pushed to set off an alarm along with notification services.
    28 days into the 30 she was going to wear the Cardio-Net she had a spell. I was there at her work when it happened. She said it wasn't "to bad" and did not want an ambulance. As we had done this dozens of times before I put her in the car and drove her to the hospital 10 minutes away. By the time we arrived the Cardio-Net had sent her EKG to the hospital also calling her Doctor and sending an EKG to his office.
    By the time she was checked in the event was over . If it wasn't for the Cardio-net we would not have found the electrical problem that triggered intermittently in her heart.
    She was diagnosed with Superventricular Tachycardia with a heartrate of 200+ beats per minute. That is entirely to fast for the blood to even enter or exit the heart so during such a spell there is basically no real circulation.
    Now, you may be saying "why is he telling me all of this"? More than likely your problem is just stress or stimulant induced (caffeine, etc).
    But if the problem persists and there is no diagnosis then you should consider asking your Doctor for a Cardio- Net. It is both a new technology (a lot of Doctors came in to look at it, all were impressed) and an answer to prayer for us.
    Many blessings in Jesus Name,
    your brother Larry.
  4. I am praying for you, Nichol.

    May God help you release this sin to Him & change you within.

    Praying God shows/brings about the solutions to all your problems.

    :lightbulb next time your heart starts racing try this:
    Start singing praises to God & claiming His perfect peace.
    If that doesn't stop it, try eating a banana.

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