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You decide

Which would you rather?

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What would you rather do? Watch TV or read a good book? For me it would depend on which movie or book but I think it's better to read a book if it's good. :)
I love reading but get quite tired so the little free time I have lends itself to a lazy moment with a brew and a trashy chat show for a few minutes rest.
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I read only Christian related books along with my study Bible of course. I have no time to waste on secular things (although here and there it may happen).

Reading is a wonderful thing for the mind, even better when its Holy Spirit annointed.
I agree Chad I'm the same way don't have time to read things unrelated to my spiritual growth or well being I'd prefer when I have enough time to read the Bible anyways. Sometimes I may sit and watch a family film but we don't have cable for which I am very grateful!

Very good question: me I prefer to read the good book of Jesus, there is nothing on tv these days. I have the Holy Spirit protect, my eyes have to look at good things amen.
TV But this poll makes me think :love: I should read more beside Gods word . . .Thanks 3nails=Love, for bringing the thought up :love:
I am also busy.

I perfer to read christian books, but also tend to fall asleep when reading.
I only read christian books.

I usually like to watch cop shows and comedies, when I have a chance. But just like reading I usually tend to fall asleep before the end of the show.

No trash shows on here, if the whole family can't watch it. Than we all don't watch it.

Your sister in Christ,

Christian books here too. I'm like you AlabasterBox, keep falling asleep these days. :shade:
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Our church has a radio station. 24/7 teaching the word by many teachers, and praise and worship music. I keep it on all of the time.

Plus I love to study the Bible, and study materials.
Well, between just tv and a book I rather a book. LAtely I've been reading more and I forgot about tv since I moved here in my new home like a few months ago.
But I really enjoy a good movie so... that's the only time I watch tv.
I would choose a nice book; I have always read books a lot.
Or browsing the net.
I very rarely watch TV because I almost never find anything interesting or appealing to me there x_x
I wish the poll had the option " Both ", because for me my television is on for the whole day on the Gospel Network, then I have tons of books in front of me to choose from.

When I'm reading a book, its nice to have soothing music in the background.

My answer. I need both.

These days, if money and time are both no object (ha ha), I'd much rather go somewhere and do something than either sit and read or sit and watch TV.
Before I was saved I used to switch the TV on first thing when I got home from work.
Now I cannot, nor want to, switch it on. I have gone so far as to give it away eventually.

Even when you are watching a good program, the ads inbetween are just getting worse and worse.

I can honestly say that TV and going to the movies hold no more interest for me.

I have a new found love for reading as I have started to read Francine Rivers' books and the woman is such a blessed spirit filled writer. And then of course I'm trying to get through the whole Bible this year.

"Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom." -Ps 145:3
Read a book

It takes me a long time to finish a book 'cause I have so many going. Some for entertainment, others for edification, & some (not too many) for work. But I love to read. I only watch tv when it's news or sports. Once in a while I'll sit down to talk with my friends or family & there will be something on tv that will catch my eye, but I usually (not often), get up before the end. Or if it interest me I'll get up just to watch the end.
I just can't sit & watch tv, I'm too hyper.
What would you rather do? Watch TV or read a good book? For me it would depend on which movie or book but I think it's better to read a book if it's good. :)
I will always do something which I love to do all the time, and that is to sing praise and worship songs (and I love to sing). All the songs that I sing are God's songs.

God bless you.

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