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You choosed

This is kinda a longer poem, im not to good at expressing my feelings outloud, so i figured typing them would be easier, I would really appreciate your prayers!

There you are one more night
Pretending like your alright

You've put up a pretty good fight
Until that one night

That one night you smoked that bong
Deep down you knew It was wrong

You thought about making the pain go away
Never did you stop and think, what will you say the next day

To your daughter who adored you, to your ex-wife who divorced you
To all those family members who supported you

Never did you imagine that one puff, drink, or snort
Would cause yourself and family so much hurt

You said there is no such thing as addiction
Like some type of misery story that is non-fiction

You found yourself becoming something you once despised
Caught up in your own self pitty of lies

Your sick and tired of hiding behind the liqour and drugs
Remembering your innocent sweet daughters loves and hugs

You realize now she isn't a little girl
Her mind is elsewhere besides going to the pool

Now you understand you've wasted those years
Because you just couldn't give up those beers

Now here you are so far way
Thinking to yourself gosh dang it, why did I choose this way

You want to change the past, start over again
But you think to yourself, my gosh where do I begin

First things first you tell yourself
Get on your knees and plead to God for help

Lord you pray, im gonna get this right
I cant stand alone in another fight

Rebuild relationships, mend broke wounds, cover up the scars
By not attending the bars!

No more secrets dad, no more lies, no more midnight cries

No more lies, no more regret, no more anger, no more thoughts of wanting to die

You can Do it! dad you can
Just close your eyes, and pray to the big man!

( love you dad, were gonna make it, your gonna make it)
that was beutiful myranda.
I will keep you in my prayers.
We have a prayer wall in my sunday school class. Its were all the teens put all the ppl they have been praying for for salvation name at. I will put up your name to represent your father.
God Bless.

Wow miranda God bless you in your little life! Thank you for sharing your feelings!
Miranda, wow, so much you are going through so much. Only God can help. well I'll pray for you and your family. God bless you, Tanya
Miranda Lynn you express yourself very well, your poem has tears running down my face.
I will be praying for you as well, your gonna make it! :love: