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You can Run But you cannot Hide, Ignoring Will Not give you a Pass, You are going to FACE YOUR MAKER, and I didn't know will not set you Free

New American Standard Bible
"And just as it is destined for people to die once, and after this comes judgment," :eyes:

It is coming, think, Do you know what is going to take place? Or you don't care. You better care!

There is no second chance. You better read "The Instruction BOOK".

When the Comedian, Actor, Movie star. Born 1880, died 1946. Was Laying Up in the Hospital, who was a known "womanizer" [ W. C. Fields] was about to die. His friends came into his room and saw him, Fanatically, going through the pages of 'The Bible". One of his friends said: "W. C." what are you looking for?

you better read "The Book". Take not the words of a mortal man neither the words of mortal woman, You better read! I don't care if you are in one of the Rooms in "The Red light District" pick up and Read, pick up and read. [tolle lege, tolle lege].
Before you close your eyes, You think, you think hard. Think, think! There is no company in the Grave, I haven't seen "double Bedded Coffins yet!

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