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You Are Mine

I woke up early, a new week to start
Sat down in my chair,let God speak to my heart.
I'd so much to do, yet so little time,
I felt my life was no longer mine.
Family matters to tend, errands to run,
People to see, no time to have fun.
Discouraged and lonely, I no longer felt strong,
I was helpless, inadequate, where did I go wrong?
From my problems I'd hide, no I'd run away
Well maybe I'd best try first to pray.
I sat and I cried, my soul I laid bare
I then asked Him, "Father, do you really care?"
I know that I asked you to live in my heart
But now can't you see, my worlds falling apart!
I sat for awhile, no conception of time
Then the Lord replied back, "Did you forget you are mine?"
I hold you close as you sleep through the night,
A new day starts always with my sonlight.
As you drive in your car, you're protected by me.
As you do your work, I encourage you see
I'll minister to you if discouragement you meet,
For a life lived for me is no easy feat.
You'll feel inadequate and often weak to,
And like today you'll question, if I really love you.
Know my grace is sufficient for you everyday,
My power perfected in weakness, just pray.
I'm with you always~till the end of time,
Never forget child, I love you,YOUR MINE....
(copywrite 6/25/2000) written by DeeplyChanged
Very encouraging poem . I pray you will be blessed as I was reading it .
Thanks . BROTHER :boy_hug:
Wow deeply. . .
You have a deep connection with your GOD. . .thank you for letting Him inspire you to bless all of our lives with this encouraging Miracle. . .
Like Strypes said. . .. i needed to be reminded on that too. . . Thank you for sharing. . .may God continue to bless you with that gift of writing inspired thoughts. . .
Love ya, your sis in Christ. . . Dot
Thank you

Thank you for that gentle reminder.... I'll use it to put strength in stride today. God Bless

God is Good.

Thank you
WOW, that is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it with us!

My Father was a preacher and He preached this one Sunday:

Hebrews 13:5 (KJV)
I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Now read it Backwards <---------------

thee forsake nor thee leave never will I

No matter how you read it, it means the same. Thank You God!!!!!

GOD BLESS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Just wanted to thank everyone for their posts, your words and encouragement were heartfelt and a Blessing to me. I hope to post more of my writings soon.