yet another friend gone....

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Well...this week one of my close friends Elle Mason died...this will be my
seventh friend to have passed on these past few years.
I do not understand why she needed to move on, nor do I understand
why this happens to me a lot, but I am trusting that God is doing it all
for a reason. I have faith that God is taking care of them all, and that
He has a reason for everything. And for this, I have some peace to hold onto.
It hurts my heart, since I do not know if Elle accepted Him or not. We used
to study the Bible a lot together, and she asked a lot of questions that I
was more than happy to answer. She seemed so full of joy when we had those
talks together. I hope and pray that our Father has taken her away
because her place in Heaven is ready....

I just need a few prayers for me to heal my wounds and that Elle is safe
with our Father. Thank you all. :crying:
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I am saddened for your loss. While it hurts to say goodbye we must rejoice at heavens gain. You are in my prayers.
Thank you so very much...
Revelation 21:4
This verse gives me some comfort. I know Elle is better off where she is,
and though I really miss her, I know I wouldnt want her back.
I wouldnt have the heart to take her from God. That is where she belongs.
I know I will see her soon. But at least she will always be happy,
and she will never shed another tear, or go through anymore pain or
sorrow, because she is home. I just hope she is thinking of me...
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I am praying for you, Dannibear.

Reminder: This means when you arrive in heaven, you will have 7 friends waiting to greet you & enjoy the rest of eternity with you.

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