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Ya olds are just being caring

I was just thinking the other day about parents and sometimes how strick they are yeah? and like how they seem like they are squeezing all the fun out of ya life?!!! haha and getting in ya face about stuff LOL

But i was thinking that mine didnt care what i did or where i was or who i was with at all. I could do what i liked as long as i wasnt a bother to them and that wasnt so good to feel like they didnt give a stuff.

So like when ya feeling like ya olds are crunchin on your fun, just remember that they care about ya and they love ya, thats why they are doing it i rekon. They aint trying to be mean for no reason.

They care
awww....Hanni thanks for the reminder...hehe
i mean my parents can be strickt and all that but in the back of my mind
i still know their just like that cause they care about me...even though i get mad
at them im still thankful that my parents show me that they care about me in
every situation....its a good feeling....

god bless
wow :love: phew :love: thank you both . . . one bringing it UP and the other calming me DOWN :love: thank you from the bottom of my mommy heart :love: God bless you two sweethearts :love:
hey Hanni thats real cool my parents are a bit of both ways sometimes it feels like they want me to go out drinking and stuff and then they turn into strict or caring parents, even though my family isn't christian i feel so blessed that they care and love me or even have a family , thanx for high-lighting that out for me and to never take what i have for granted.

love from sunshineerin
yeah... but for me its really hard to tell them wats going on in my life. like not the normal everyday stuff... the hard stuff... the emotional garbage ive gone through... and its like the other nite i brought up a question about a rather insignificant matter with them and they reacted exactly how i thought they would which is why i hadnt told them up until then. and so now i just feel less inclined to tell them anything significant cos i have an idea in my head of how they will react and i dont wanna deal with that. so yeah.

but then i think about how the Bible says to honour our parents and that all your sins will find you out and all secrets will come out in the end... that scares me alot!!! i know i dont honour my parents by lying to them bout this all. and i know the sin of lying to them will find me out... and i know the secrets will come out whther i like i tor not... so im in a bit of a lose lose situation really.