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I was a kid in the 90's (being born in 89), and I remember this being around in the 5th grade. Now it's nowhere to be found today. Oh how it passed on very fast. Of course we should grow our understanding (reading about Jesus), and with it our faith. However a lot of questions could simply be answered with "What would Jesus do?".
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It is also a great song by Big Tent Revival...

"What would Jesus do walking in my shoes.. working at my job... going to my school....I hear people say "Jesus is the way" I believe that is why I am asking you.. What would Jesus do"...."Shine on. Shine on"

I love that song!
WWJD assumes that we would know what Jesus would have done, when in fact we would not and do not know these things.
If any of the 12 disciples had applied WWJD they would have got it wrong. And these were men who lived, walked and talked with Jesus in the flesh. For example they thought Jesus didn't want to be bothered by little children and that Jesus would not have liked expensive perfume wasted on his smelly feet, that Jesus would have wanted to refuse to pay taxes, that Jesus would have wanted them to strike with sword and that Jesus would have wanted to be rescued from the cross.
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