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My son recently got arrested with a couple of other teenagers. He admits that he did one of the things he has been accused of, and say he has learned something valuable from this experience. However the police and one witness have exaggerated and have told untruths about my son. Their account is not accurate. One of his friends is defending him and says it didn't happen like the way the police are saying. My son is feeling very persecuted and terrible about things. I prayed with him and showed him scripture in Psalms about how the Lord will take care of our enemies, and that God knows and sees the truth. So that helped him and the Lord brought him peace.
Please pray that the Lord will be merciful towards my son, when the court date comes up and that his consequences are suited to just the truth of what my son did wrong.
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God of Justice.

Justice is at the very heart, core and centre of God’s nature. If anything can get under the heavenly Father’s skin, it is when justice is corrupted and injustice is perpetrated. He expects and calls those who are His people to live and act justly and to have nothing to do with injustice. Justice weaves itself through God’s character for all His ways are just. How important is justice? Micah 6:8 lists it as a requirement of God’s people:

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.
Thinking of you at this time calluna. Praying that your son will come to know the Lord. I have children also who are away from the Lord.

Lord Jesus save our children
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My Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray to you this morning for a very dear friend in Christ, Calluna’s son, who has been arrested and has been wrongfully accused of some crimes. Her son has openly admitted to part of the crime, but as to the rest of the crime, he was betrayed by his friends, who wrongly accused him. So I ask you my Lord, you know the truth and know his heart and I ask you today, to protect them. My Father, I also ask you to comfort them and pour out your Holy Spirit onto them, to give them strength, through this difficult time. I pray in Jesus’ name amen

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