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wrong idea...

century gothic

I waz taught to alwayz pray for myself last because there are others who need my help and Gods blessings. :love:
This prayer request isnt for me...its for a friend who's got the wrong idea. Well, because of the way she grew up, she has wat she calls a "dirty side" and shez convinced that this "dirty side" is a part of her. shez got a relationship with God but itz not 100% because shez still holding on to her "dirty side" thinking that if she lets go of it ppl will like her less. I've been praying that her heart opens up to accept God completely and that her grasp on that negative quality will loosen.
Thankz for praying with me and helping other

*-Prayer is a powerful thing-*
We all have dirty sides in one way or another . Your friend is in my prayers . God loves all of us . You are a good friend . Prayer works . Be at peace in Jesus name . :love: :boy_hug: Mike