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Do any of you guys like to Write? I used to hate writing. I was bad at it when i was younger. I guess half of it had to do with me being Russian and Russian being my first language. But yea, in sixth grade is when I think I noticed that I was good. I am not so sure though. I started keeping a journal/diary, whatever you call it. It's all the same to me. Well at first it was weird, but I noticed it became like my best friend. I was really shy and writing gave me a way to get things out of me. I was also very troubled and depressed back then. Well I did have big problems but thanks to the Lord, and only Him, I am good now :). Glory to God almighty. Well yes, I stopped writing so much but when I do sit down and write, it's really amazing. Like if you write things down, what you observe, everything that is happening in life and stuff. Looking back and rereading things just brings back good memories. I started rereading my old journals that are about three years old or so, and it's so funny to think what kinda of a person i used to be and everything i did. The cool stuff though is writing things down about what God has done in your life. I look back at how I got babtized by the Spirit and other experiences, How I skipped 8th grade, it was like a miracle. God has planned out my life. Today, while writing, I thought about it, you write down all your emotions, what you feel, what you think, everything you're going through, it's basically like a letter to God without addressing it directly to Him. He knows everything and is like the only Person, if you can say that, that knows what you wrote down and could read it. But yea, basically, to wrap it up, journals are great. We have some on TalkJesus, right here that you all should check out. Maybe even start writing. Well ok, God bless you all, I love you, bye
P.S. you can tell i love to write huh? lol
Tanya , you are sooo refreshing to us here . I love you're zeal , and wisdom way beyond you're years ! You remind me of Christine . If you ever need anything , or just somebody to listen , please consider me . I love you 487 ! The love of God shows through you're life . Mike :love: :boy_hug:
I love writing poems and songs about the Lord. My problem is that I have to someone else write the music because Im not a musician.
I love to write. I write poems ,songs and I have written a couple of books. I just don't Know how to go about publishing my stuff.
i love to rite i just dont like it when my hands start cramping lol.
love ur sis in christ sokerbean
I like to write too, but I don' t think I am very good at it. I like to journal, and then look back at it over time. It is amazing how God can talk to you while you are writing and it just flows out from you.

I'm really into writing, well mainly script writing and things. i write a lot of random ideas that come up in my head and it just turns into a story. i agree with you Tanya when you talk about writin gdown your feelings and emotions is like writing a letter to God, because that's how i feel sometimes
Stay Real!
I began to write when our Christian drama group got tired of doing the same old plays. They had a meeting and asked for ideas so they could write a play together. I had an idea, so spoke out the outline of the play. The other actors all thought it was great except... Each had something different that they swore was wrong or stupid and had to be changed. After several hours of their attemping to rewrite it, I went home and typed out the whole play as I had origionally outlined. When handed it in the next day, the director loved it and asked "Why didn't you tell us this one in the first place?"
I wrote 49 plays for them. Then a Christian newspaper asked for my life and conversion story for an article. I did, but then wrote it up as a full book. Then I got the writing bug and have done about 30 books since.