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Wow....! Thank you Jesus

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Just found out this morning God has placed a Godly mngr. Over me and the property I work at
as I listened to her testimony that she shared with me and a coworker I. Felt so stupid to be so overwhelmed with where I was
And I have wondered why I was in the middle of such a down and out property with what seemed to be no leadership i could trust .ive felt so disconnected ..I should have known God would be working on it with me..duh.! What a blessing my God gave me as he said .peace be with you Always you r not alone ..Thank you Lord for you're grace/it so easy to get caught up in the mess and frustration take over. not that i forgot all Hes done for me in the past but ive learned a new patience and have been reminded of his future provision not just todays...She told me she has been praying over the property with me since she got there..DIDNT KNOW IT so now we are in agreement with Christ as the third .,,and what has been a step child will become the Golden child and all will ask to His glory ..WHAT HAPPENED..!!.Rev:laugh:
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