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Worship and Prayer .

I know to some , this might not seem like a hobby , but I love doing this more than most everything .

I love to rest in gods throne room lifted there by the sound's of worship , and prayer . My future is in his hands , and he hold's all I am .

This to me is the most beautifull time in my day . At times all day ! I was soooo lost , Jesus saved me from such a horrible past .

Any here who know me will tell you that I am so true to this as my favorite hobby . I love all of you , and remember you all when I worship before my Father in our future home ! [ Heaven ] Peace to all my brothers and sisters , in Jesus Mighty and Powerfull Name ! :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike
Staff Member
God bless you brother! I am just getting into a more often daily prayer routine and trying to kick in the worship music as well. I love breathe by Rebecca St James but there is only so many times you can listen to the same song over and over before it gets "worn" out so to speak :)

Sounds like you have a very intimate relationship with GOD. I hope others will be motivated by this as well as I am.
Go where the devil cannot go ! In to the arms of God through worship ! Pour out your heart to him , remembering every punch, stripe, lash, kick,spit upon ,beaten,drug, hung on a cross , suffered, died , destroyed the stronghold of satan over us , rose from the grave , returned, preached , and left us the keys to the kingdom !

Give Jesus Christ all honour and Glory due unto his name ! Praise his name forever more ! Mike
Hallelulyah! You guys are brilliant. I worry that soon I start preparing for my A levels, but I'm sure the Lord will give me the strentgh to make time for everything. God Bless you Guys :D