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World Vision

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by B-A-C, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. I try to contribute money to organizations that I think are worthy causes, but in some cases I stop giving.

    Since World Vision has started recognizing same sex marriages I have had a tough time donating to them and have finally decided to stop altogether.
    It's interesting that they still preach against fornication and adultery.

    Should we keep supporting organizations like this if they are doing "some good". Or is the message they are sending out-weighing the good things
    they are doing?
  2. As followers of Christ we should not support an organization that goes against His teaching...regardless of the good they are doing. To compromise shouldn't be an option..I personally like the salvation army as they are a Christian based organization. Thank you for the heads up as I didn't know that about world vision.:(
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  3. I agree Amy. I think world vision reversed their decision afterwards, but the fact they made that initial dumb move is dishonoring to God and even their reputation.
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