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Works vs Ethics

A few of you know I work in I.T. I used to be a fireman, but now I deal with computers, UNIX,
routers, switches, and things like that. I've contracted for quite a few companies over the last
dozen years or so.

One thing I always have to do, is take these small classes about ethics. Then I usually have to take
a test to show I read the class material.
These are usually things like, don't do sexual harassment, don't discriminate racially, don't steal
from the company, don't lie about the hours you worked on your time card, and generally try to be
"ethical" and have good morals.

Now I don't get paid extra for this. In fact I don't really get paid at all for doing these things.
I get paid for working on computers and routers. But I don't make a penny for not sexually harassing
someone. The bottom line is... I could never discriminate or harass or lie on my time-card, but my
my boss wouldn't pay me if I didn't work the equipment, in fact I would eventually lose my job
for not doing the "works" I was hired to do.

Now, having said that... even if did do all the "works" I get paid for perfectly and on time....
I could still get fired from my job. If someone had proof that I harassed them, or discriminated
against them, or stole something from the company.

Some people confuse these two things.... works are not ethics.

God wants us to love one another,
He doesn't want us to lie to one another, steal from one another,
He doesn't want us to murder one another, or have an affair with someone else's wife/husband.

Some people get the idea that doing this is "works". No these are just some of the ethics that we
as Christians are expected to do. We are told to be moral and ethical. Not exactly in those words.

Now feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, visiting the sick, and praying for the lost and hurting
could be considered works. You physically have to go out and do these things, they don't just happen.
But what if you never do these things? Will God "fire" you? There is a lot of debate about this.

But even if you DO these things, what if you aren't being moral and ethical?
What if you're living a LGBT lifestyle? Living in adultery or fornication? What if you're a practicing
liar, thief and child abuser? Will God "fire" you? The Bible makes it pretty clear that he will.

We may not be saved by works, but we can sure NOT be saved by our ethics and morals.

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