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Working on Sundays

I'm in need of advice,

I took on a job as a waiter at a resturant, and I requested to be off on Sundays.

Well, yup, they have me working on Sundays.

I'm willing to work any other day, but I wanted Sundays for church and it is the only day that both me and my wife have off together.

Should I find another job, or what?
I guess this all depends on if you want to go to church and be with your wife...
when i hired into my job 8 years ago my boss asked me about working weekends....
i told him i would work any Saturday needed, but Sunday was for Church.... and this is how it has been for 8 years now....even if we have had to work over on Wendsdays i have always left work in time to make it to church,so people will work with you.
good luck to ya
This is a tough one, you could try to have a little chat with your boss and come to an agreement. If that does not work then you may have to look for other work. In the end it is you who has to decide, we can only pray that you have guidence from God.
I work in a hospital as an auxiliary nurse, and as nuses provide a 24 hour service i have to work some sundays. I can request off a couple of sundays for special occasions if i like, but it might not go down too well with other collegues if I appear to have every sunday off.
I know what you mean....

I use to work at Family Christian Store, and they were even open on Sundays. I think most retail business are open on Sundays. So unless you find a job that is open M-F you will most likely work. I know as a manager I would never promise a person that they could have off every Sunday, even if it was for religious purposes. Then eveyone would say they need it off cause of church.

Do they have you working all day? Can you go to church at night or mid-week?

I would pray about it, and seek what your heart feels.
hello there

because of the job i do i also have to work sundays, every other one

i still have time for God and family

i just go to church before i start work and when i have finished it is home and the kids

this is a reality of life, it isn't has we would want it to be it is as He would

so if we work on sundays so be it, look at it as another opportunity to meet and witness or minister to people placed infront of us

hope this helps

God bless

Thanks for your points of view everyone.

At first I thought it would work out, maybe work only the lunch or dinner shift, therefore give me time to attend our morning or evening service.

It turns out that I am on the lunch shift, which can keep you there right up to the start of the evening shift, so that kind of kills going to one church service or another. :thumbs_do

I think it will eventually get to me and I will walk off the job or not return, because going to church has become an important part of our lives.
I feel my wife needs it more than I do, to help her in her spiritual growth, and when I don't go, she doesn't go by herself.
Also I have spent to many years of my life not going to church for some job or another, and I'm getting at the age where who knows how many years I have left here on earth.

Maybe I just lack the faith to do or stand up for what is right in our lives.

P.S. If you do have to work on Sundays because of a job that requires it, I understand, God Bless. :love:
in His grace

i do truly sympathise with your predicament

as i said i have to work sundays also

and yes this interferes with my church life, but where i can i do leeson the impact

what it means is that i go to church at 9am sunday morning when i work, and i start work in theory at 10, but i always turn up late. my direct managers know and are all ok about it, in real terms they have no choice for i have told them that this is what is happeneing, max of ten minutes late

only once was it a problem, when the general manager, the big cheese, turned up on a sunday, and he wasn't happy. he was given 2 choices, to shut up and leave it alone, or i would find alternative employment; needless to say, he shut up

on the sundays that i work i go to a different church which starts at 10.30, well 10.00 if you want coffee and bacon sandwiches; which is really cool. so if i attended only one church i too would be stuck my friend. what i have done is find a way around this problem i faced, let the good Lord lead you and He will enable you to overcome this issue and grace you with His blessings

oh, and attending 2 differing Bible studies is also cool

hope this helps a little

God bless scrappy
Staff Member
Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Pray on it and GOD will find you a way, His way.

I work everyday from home office but it doesn't interfere with my church life. After all, I'm here serving GOD on Talk Jesus and operating it while others also enjoy it as an online church per se.

I suggest prayer and a little discussion with your boss. Tell them it is your church day. By law they cannot interfere with "religion" (hate that word) but you get the idea.
Is housework also work?

I mean, if we live by the law, then Saturday we would have to be completely in a resting state. What Does that mean? If I clean my kitchen on Sunday's now because Our Lord arose on that day, am I sinning? What constitutes work?
We can worship the Lord every day anywhere, can't we? Can you still obey the Biblical mandate to not forsake the assembling of yourselves, by Fellowshipping with other believers at church on every other day of the week?