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work while you have the light, darkness comes

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Darkness comes when no man can work.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
An importantant date for the united kingdom, was 1066, the last time this country was invaded, by william the conquerer.
The English king was shot in the eye with an arrow.
i wonder if God left clues bread crumbs. A King.
EYE look- Watch Arrow Pointing 1066 2010 06/06
10+2 6+6 12 0f 12
i wonder if any event will happen around these dates.
the U.K also hosts the olympics 2012

I will do something .
some thing you would not believe, even if you were tolled.!
In the book of Daniel, chapter 9 verse 20
Gabriel came to Daniel, to give him understanding and insight into the vision he had just had, Gabriel had been in that vision, Daniel was also tolled to give heed to the message, and to gain understanding and insight into the vision.

not every thing was clear to Daniel, concerning, what he had been shown in the vision.
In the end times, your sons and daughters will prophecy, your young men shall have visions, your old men will dream dreams. when God pours out his spirit on mankind.

I had a very clear vivid dream/ vision recently, I saw an archangel in a stone church, he was swinging a Gold metal ball and a chain., and smashing it into the wall, at first I thought it was satan,
I asked the Lord if it was satan, the Lord said no, I said , Michael, the Lord said no, its Gabriel, he was tolled to stop, Gabriel’s reply was, I can not stop, Gabriel then walked out of the front of the church, he was given a dark piece of wood, 2/3 feet high, 8 inches square, he hit the piece of wood, with the metal ball, into the distance, then walked of after it , to repeat the process, to horizon to horizon, I asked the Lord, what did this mean, the Lord said, the churches cannot stop doing the same things over and over again, instead of doing something new.

some times its like a picture you look at it, and as you keep looking, another picture emerges, comes to the surface. you may see another interpretation. In different forums there have been some interesting replies.
some have said the ball and chain, speaks about the spritual bondage, some churches are in, breaking the bondage, and walls of division, one man pointed out Gabriel, walking down the steps represents, coming down from the heavenly realm, to the earthly realm, the piece of wood, that which is made by man.
The picture within the picture I can see

Look among the nations.! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I Am doing some thing in your Days, you would not believe if you were told. The book of Habakkuk.
At first I thought it was satan, Lucifer, as I know the world will go after the beast, the mark of the beast, and it was given to him to make war with the saints and over come them, Revelation 13
I know to in China, Christians were tolled they would not go through tribulation, so were not prepared when the persecution started.

I asked if it was satan, the Lord said no, I asked if it was Michael, the Lord said no, its Gabriel. Gabriel’s commission was in the past to announce the coming of Jesus, there is only 17 percent of bible prophecy yet to be for filled, must of which is about Jesus returning for his bride, don’t get left behind, and then the Lords return to reign, the 2nd coming.

The stone church being struck by Gabriel , could symbolize the destruction of Vatican state, as told in Revelations 17. some believe to be the harlot, some believe America, because Gabriel was inside, it could mean, those inner circles, around the world, new world order, financial masters, running the world, for their own gains, at the expense of every one eles. G.7 the religious regimes. Free masons, skull and bones, Bilderberg, Illuminati.

striking the wall could also mean the start of tribulation.
Gabriel declaring, he could not stop, meaning, these financial, political masters cannot stop, the coming Judgement.
can not stop an unstoppable force, armys, the kings of the East. Yellow stone, the perfect storm. The storm is coming.
China, North Korea, Iran, Islam, Russia.
Who slay a third of men.

But also i believe the vision started how it did, as Judgement starts with the house of God, .

The Gold chain and the ball, could symbolize, China, Islam, who could be used to bring war, judgement. certainly coming judgement. Or Free masonary , Illuminati gold chain and ball, who have brought about the financial enslavement of millions of people, to the banks, masters of wall street, running America, and most of the not so free world, their judgement is coming. Begun.

In revelations chapter 9 speaks of the kings of the east, and their number was 200 million, China now boasts a land army of 200 million.

The sword of the Lord is out flashing like lighting from east to west, polished for slaughter, judgement..
I know the Mongol Army’s crossed the plains and the Steps, all the way to Poland.
In the vision Gabriel walked down the steps with the chain and ball, REMBER TO, THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NEAR, AT HAND.

When the storm comes.
some will flee in terror, some will hide in caves and ask the rocks to cover them,
some will mount up on wings, like Eagles.

Their judgement is coming, and thier silver and gold, will not deliver them.

standing on the shore of Lake victoria, watching a massive electrical storm, over the lake, which is the size of England on the other side of the Lake, Genocide, Rwanda, the slaughter was relentless, the Lord tolled me, the sword is out in Africa, the sword is out in the middle east, the sword is out in the far east, and the sword is out in Europe, the storm is coming. Its now at the door, the alarms have started to ring.
North, South, East, West. The sword is out, Z war. Also the perfect storm

The book of Habakkuk, speaks of the Lord rising up an army in the end times, to bring judgement on the world.
It is also written in Habakkuk woe to them who say to a piece of wood awake, speaking of the idols pieces of wood covered with silver and gold, those trusting in their wealth and gold to save and deliver them.The Financial elite.

The piece of dark wood, struck by Gabriel in the vision, from Horizon, to Horizon.Those nations around the globe. Governments, and circles within the circle. Illuminati, free masons, skull and bones,
If christains are filled with the Holy spirit,

These Inner circles, secret societies, who openly follow Lucifer, what spirit and power are they filled with, who is controlling them, They run governments, the military, home land security.
By following Lucifer and going through satanic rituals, they think with the film the matrix, they are going to become neo, but in reality they become smith, consumed by their desire for power, stopping at nothing, at any cost, human sacrifice.
They have sacrificed millions to do lucifers will, the destroyer.

In the last chapter of Habakkuk , talking of a time of economic hard ship, and how they can do nothing but wait for the day of distress, for those to arise and invade and strike them,
In the book of Zephaniah it speaks of how the Lord has prepared the sacrifice. Near is the Great day of the Lord and coming very quickly.

Neither will their silver or gold be able to deliver them, on the day of the Lords wrath, And all the earth will be devoured, in the fire of His jealously, For he will make a complete end, indeed a terrifying one, of all the inhabitants of the earth.
Fear God, and give him glory, because the hour of his judgement has come.

Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, the last real American president, assassinated, as he would not fall in line, to the wall street masters, and a warning to every American president, who would not do their will. Reagen almost assassinated, so There man Gorge bush could be put into power. they want control oil and every thing eles, centralisation. of value, raking in millions while millions are in the dust.
war is big business, as is reconstruction, peoples lives are shattered, the banks rake in their winnings.
Thomas Jefferson as with Abraham Lincoln warned in the strongest possible terms, the consequences if these men, groups gained control.

Interestingly the earth quake in Chille, the after shocks shaking the building, at the swearing in of the new president, God is going to shake the governments, the nations, and for those elite political and financial, inner circles, their power, will be brought down broken.

The cries of many have reached heaven, like with the children of Isreal in bondage in Eygpt, God acted and sent Mosses to set his people free, an army behind them, mountains either side of them, God opened up the red sea, Gods exit plan, then closed it swallowing the might of the Egyptian army
As with Hati, Chille, Tsunamis, the volcano now in Iceland , snow storms, floods Kenya, Australia, earth Quake Japan. Its going to be big and devasting!

The Earth Quake in Turkey, the gateway between East and West, judgement to will fall on East and West. The city in Chille moved ten feet to the west, its moving closer to the west. How fast is Quickly,
All these event came with little or no warning, out of the blue, the unexpected when least expected, like a thief in the night.
They have sown the wind and are going to reap the whirlwind

Jesus came to set us free, you shall now the truth and the truth will set you free.
God always has a plan, and conspires against the conspirators, the inner circles.
He also has an exit plan, Gods air lift. When the storm breaks, The Rapture.

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