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words of encouragement

Hey Teens, I just want to encourage you guys a little. so hopefully that will work out. Mostly I just want you all to be happy at all times. you may think that's impossible but I believe you can reach that stage. from experience I know that no matter what, you cant always be happy, especially when you're going through hard times, through tests and trials. One thing I noticed was that if you praise the Lord and just thank him, He will give you joy. you may be in the worst mood ever and do not feel like giving praises to the Lord, you just want to go listen to some depressings music that will match with what you feel, or who knows what. But if you go aside everything you feel and start praising the Lord, the joy will come. I know from experience and I jsut want to encourage you all. Life is hard, especially being a teenager adn a follower or Christ. but if we make it our goal to always be happy no matter what the cercumstances tell us, life will be a lot easier.
recently I noticed how much power words have. I didn't think about it before. But I would come to school and I used to say, school is fun. and even though it wasn't all that fun, I kept saying that. and it was. But now, it's such a drag for me and I keep saying that and it gets worse, you want to skip all the time, dont want to get up early in the morning. and just today I noticed that I kept saying the negative. so now i'm going to start saying school's fun. and it could be, you just have to get in that mind frame.
I also noticed that my day wouldn't be so great but when people come up to me and ask, how are you doing? I automatically answer great. and then I start telling them some things the Lord has been doing and even though I am the most tired person in the world, I say I'm excited and the joy and energy just hits me as soon as I say that. I was surprised. but words have a lot of power. So if we ignore the circumstances and want to see the desired result, start confessing the answer, or saying what you want your answer to be.
for instance, some people look in the mirror everyday and they're the most beautifulest things on earth and say they are ugly, they will be ugly, but if a normal looking person says they're beautiful everytime they look in the mirror, they will start seeing themselves that way, and not only them, but others will also.
so if you're having a tough day or you're sick or things are going wrong, start confessing your desired result. you want a good day, keep repeating that the day is good. you want to always be happy. everytime you're in a bad mood, just say, I am happy, keep repeating it. trust me, the joy will kick in.
so hopefully I encouraged some of you. i sure hope none of you are sulking. if you are, just start confessing your desired result. :) God bless you guys, I love you all so much!
Thanks for the advice... having just been through a rough patch and finding it very easy to be miserable or angry... resentful... etc... has made your advice a place to start thinking about how much thoughts affect your mood. Keep up the good advice... you never know how much it can help someone who just happens to read your entry.
God bless ya!!! :)

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