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Word for Today / Walk In The Light

Staff Member
Walk In The Light

‘If we walk in the light…the blood of Jesus…purifies us from all sin.’ 1 John 1:7 NIV

Twice in Scripture God spoke into our darkness. In Genesis chapter one He said, ‘Let there be lights.’ (Genesis 1:14 NIV) And in John chapter three Jesus declared, ‘Light has come into the world.’ (John 3:19 NIV)

To walk with God you must reject the ways of darkness and walk in the light. Fungus grows best in the dark, but when you turn on the light it withers and dies. This is more than a metaphor—it’s a spiritual fact of life! Jesus said, ‘People loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.’ (John 3:19 NIV) As Ester Nicholson says, ‘Secrets keep us sick. They keep us in shame and uncertainty.’

Secrecy is the ideal environment for sin to grow until ultimately you’re taken captive by thoughts, deeds, and habits. And staying in darkness intensifies your cycle of secrecy and slavery to sin. ‘If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.’ (1 John 1:6 NIV)

Once you step into the light everything changes! So confess your secret sins to God, and, if necessary, to a trusted friend or counsellor who can pray with you. Then through God’s strength reclaim your power to overcome sin and live victoriously. Once you’ve turned on the light, the fungus begins to wither. Its grip loosens, and freedom dawns.

Each time sin comes knocking at your door bring it into the light immediately. When you do, cleansing and fellowship with God will be yours. The Bible says, ‘If we walk in the light…we have fellowship…and the blood of Jesus…purifies us from all sin.’

written by Bob Gass
Staff Member
@Br. Bear
Ah brother. Fungus is getting a bad rap!
I love fungus on my pizza!
I have a fungus story by the way :)

My wife was the only one in the house who liked mushrooms (fungus) in our home.
Oh, she would every once in awhile saute some in garlic, onions, olive oil! You know she was happy, because I could hear (in the days I could hear) her humming in the kitchen. Knowing that this was one thing that nobody in the house was going to ask her to share :)

Anyway, one day she was humming away and having a good time, chopping and making a mess in the kitchen. ;) When the smell wafted out to the living room and hit me right in the nose which is located somewhere close to my stomach.

It started a rumble I could not ignore! Part of me knew what she was cooking, but my stomach over ruled any objections the rest of my body had.....so I went to the kitchen to see what was cooking :)

Asking my beautiful, caring, considerate wife what she was cooking........with a smile on her face she said.."I'm sauteing mushrooms"!

Believing that she had said some magical words that would chase away this growling beast that had intruded upon her one pleasure....sadly, and to this day I actually "almost" regret my next words.....

I asked with my most pleading/humble of voice.."Can I have some PLEASE!!!!".....It must have been a good pleading on my part, because her looked changed, from smiling, to shock, to disappointment, and finally to resignation as she parted with a few of them tasty fungi!! :)

That is my fungus story.....hummm...giving this a little more thought in reading over my story.....maybe you are right and fungus are "evil".....for I no longer hear that "humming in the kitchen" and miss it greatly! :-(

However, now I'm wondering on when she'll cook up the next batch to enjoy!!!! :)

Love you brother!
Blessings to you and yours.

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