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Word for Today / Put Your Heart And Soul Into It

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Put Your Heart And Soul Into It

‘Whatever work you do, do your best…’ Ecclesiastes 9:10 NCV

Solomon writes: ‘Enjoy life… enjoy the work you do here on earth. Whatever work you do, do your best…’ (Ecclesiastes 9:9–10 NCV)

Professor Howard Hendricks writes: ‘Recently I lost one of my best friends, a woman eighty-six years young. She was the most exciting lay-teacher I’ve ever been exposed to. The last time I saw her on planet earth was at one of those “Christian parties” where we all sit on eggshells and try to look pious. In she walked, looked at me and said, “Well, Hendricks, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Tell me, what are the five best books you’ve read in the last year?” (That’ll change the group dynamic in a hurry.)

Her philosophy was, “Let’s not bore each other… let’s get into a discussion. And if we can’t find anything to discuss, then let’s get into an argument.” She was eighty-three years old on her last trip to the Holy Land. She went with a group of NFL football players. And one of my most vivid memories is seeing her out in front yelling back to them, “Come on, men, get with it!” Recently she died in her sleep at her daughter’s home. Her daughter told me that just before she died she’d written out her goals for the next ten years!’

So whether you are nineteen or ninety-nine, the word for you today is: ‘Whatever work you do, do your best…’ In other words: Put your heart and soul into it.

written by Bob Gass