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Word for Today / Pastor, How Are You Doing? (4)

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Pastor, How Are You Doing? (4)

'Come aside by yourselves...and rest a while.' Mark 6:31 NKJV

There are two kinds of ‘tired’. And the dissimilarity is like the difference between puffy spring rain clouds and the clouds that precede a tornado. One is temporary and normal. It comes from a job well done, and after a period of rest you bounce back. The other is a chronic inner fatigue that accumulates over months, and doesn’t always manifest itself in physical exhaustion. In fact, it’s often masked by frenetic activity and impulsive behaviours such as:

(1) You can’t relax over a meal or coffee.
(2) You keep checking and rechecking your voice messages and emails.
(3) Your bedside table is piled high with publications designed to keep you ‘ahead of the game’.
(4) Taking a day off seems impossible.
(5) You don’t take breaks and you work every holiday.
(6) You can’t sleep.
(7) Any free time you have is spent in ‘escapist’ behaviour like eating, drinking, spending and mindlessly watching TV.

When we don’t rest, we lose direction. We’re lured away from God by the mistaken belief that determination and effort will allow us to achieve our dreams. So, the truth is: while you’re busy working hard and looking important, you can lose your ability to hear the voice of the One who called you to your position initially. Yes, God expects you to work hard, but not by endangering your health, your family or your time with Him. If that’s the shape you’re in right now, Jesus is saying, ‘Come aside…and rest a while.’ If you’re wise and you want to go the distance—you’ll pay attention and do what He says.

written by Bob Gass