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Word for Today / How to Please God

Staff Member
How to Please God

‘If you suffer for doing good and endure it patiently, God is pleased with you.’ 1 Peter 2:20 NLT

You become like the people you spend the most time with, so choose your friends carefully. If you spend time with angry, resentful people you risk becoming an angry, resentful person yourself. That’s because attitudes are contagious.

Here’s a wonderful story that illustrates the point.

A man purchased a newspaper at a newsstand every day. He always greeted the vendor very courteously, but in return received very gruff and discourteous service; the vendor would rudely shove the newspaper in his face. The man, however, would politely smile and wish him a nice day. This went on for several days until a friend asked, ‘Does he always treat you this rudely?’ The man replied, ‘Unfortunately, he does.’ The questioner asked, ‘Are you always so polite and friendly to him?’ The man replied, ‘Yes, I am.’ The questioner continued, ‘Why are you so nice to him when he’s so rude to you?’ The man replied, ‘Because I don’t want him to decide how I’m going to act.’

The Bible says: ‘If you suffer for doing good and endure it patiently, God is pleased with you. For God called you to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for you. He is your example, and you must follow in His steps. He never sinned, nor ever deceived anyone. He did not retaliate when He was insulted, nor threaten revenge when He suffered. He left His case in the hands of God, who always judges fairly.’ (1 Peter 2:20–23 NLT) That’s how to please God.

written by Bob Gass
Staff Member
Reminds me of an experience I had while I was in the military dear sister.

Every Monday a man came downstairs to pickup his communications from the section I worked in. Others who worked for me did not like providing him service. No matter the greeting you met him with. All he would say was "Messages". Once they were handed to him. Without a thank-you or a good-bye he would just turn around and walk away.

I let my people know that whenever he came to the window that I'd take care of him. So, every Monday he would come to the window and I would greet him with a smile and ask him how his weekend had went and that I hoped it had gone well. He would just look me in the eyes and just say "Messages". I would tell him to have a great day, but as usual he would just turn around without a word and walk away.

My people would ask me why I was so nice to him and courteous? I let them know that one never knows what that person is or has gone through in their lives. So, this went on for a year. Me greeting him and his silence.

Then one day he showed up and I said "Good morning. I hope you had a good weekend." He looked me in the eye and a smile showed upon his face and he said "I had a great weekend. Thank-you". You could hear the intake of breath from behind me from my people who had actually heard his response. :)

Thank-you for sharing this. It truly brought back a good memory and one that taught me and others who worked for me that day. People are more than what they appear to be, the value of patience but more importantly that we should not be governed by the negative responses we receive from others. Show them the Love of Christ and I do believe that eventually whether they want to or not. The majority will respond to it in kind or run the other way when they see you coming. ;)

With the Love of Christ Jesus.

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