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Word for Today / Dad, Treasure Your Children

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Dad, Treasure Your Children

‘The children God has graciously given your servant.’ Genesis 33:5 NIV

We live in a day when children have never been given more of the things they want, and less of the things they need. What do they need? You! Not trinkets, treasures and toys, but your love and your time.

Read these unsettling words in a Newsweek column entitled, ‘Dear Dads, Save Your Sons,’ by psychologist Christopher Bacorn. He tells about an anxious mother in her mid-thirties who came to his office with her 15-year-old son. The boy’s dad had left four years before. Since then the teenager had descended into alcohol, gang membership and violence. The mother had nowhere else to turn, and it was obvious the boy was at best a hostile participant. After attempting for thirty minutes to crack the steel vault of this boy’s heart, Dr. Bacorn realised the futility of it all. He wrote these poignant and sad words: ‘I’ve come to believe that most adolescent boys can’t make use of professional counselling…

What a boy can use, and all too often doesn’t have, is the fellowship of men—at least one man who pays attention to him, who spends time with him, who admires him. A boy needs a man he can look up to. What he doesn’t need is a shrink… As a nation we’re racked by youth violence, overrun by gangs, guns and drugs. The great majority of youthful offenders are male, most without fathers involved in their lives in any useful way.’

In Genesis we read that Jacob was a successful businessman, but he discovered that his greatest earthly treasure was ‘the children God has graciously given to your servant.’ (Genesis 33:5 NIV) Dad, have you discovered that?

written by Bob Gass
[for me anyway] they need to brought up "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord" and not in the nurture and admonition of the world: our love and our time is a good thing, but only again when it is love and time for the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and not according to what we think is best for them.