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Word for Today / Dad, Equip Your Kids for the Real World! (1)

Staff Member
Dad, Equip Your Kids for the Real World! (1)

'...To turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children...' Luke 1:17 NAS

Research shows the results of the ‘dad deficit’. Too many children today are growing up without a father’s input. And as a result they end up making poor life, relationship and marriage choices. So how does a dad equip his kids for life in the real world?

(1) Know what they’re up to. Get to know what makes them tick. Ask what subjects they enjoy in school, and which ones they’re struggling with. Learn who their friends are; who they spend time with at break and after school. Try to listen and learn. Take them out occasionally for breakfast or a ham-burger; they’ll feel like royalty spending one–to–one time with Dad!

(2) Teach them to stand tall. A tragedy of their young world is the increasing suicide rate because of playground bullying. Teach your children to stand up for themselves. Teach them respect, and how to protect themselves by speaking up appropriately in class when they’re unclear about the lesson, or to courageously say what they believe. Teach them assertiveness in confronting unfair treatment. Kids who become ‘punch bags’ are set up to be victimised!

(3) Give them an example. However accomplished your ‘preaching’ skills may be, you need to be ‘walking the walk’ in front of your children. You can tell them it’s important to be healthy and active, but if you’re a couch potato inhaling bags of chips and watching endless footy matches, they’re not convinced. Set an example by getting fit, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, activities and interests, and watch them think how ‘cool’ it is to be like Dad!

written by Bob Gass

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