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Word for Today / Be Resilient

Staff Member
Be Resilient

'We give great honour to those who endure...' James 5:11 NLT

During their famous expedition, American explorers, Lewis and Clark, faced incredible hardships. On reaching the Missouri River, they thought the worst was over - then they saw the Rockies! Instead of the easy ride downstream that they'd expected, they faced their biggest challenge: retreat or start climbing!

Looking back, they realised it was in conquering the Rockies that they gained the confidence they needed for what they'd face later. John Maxwell writes, '...you will become a better, stronger, wiser and more resilient person through solving problems.' Sociologists who study resiliency - the ability to bounce back - tell us that people handle trauma in two ways. They either give up because they're afraid, or they grow up by developing the capacity to handle it. What makes the difference? Instead of acting like victims, resilient people:

(1) take charge of their lives;

(2) refuse to relinquish their values;

(3) refocus on their goal. A challenge is a gift, a blessing in disguise.

Quitting is always simpler than enduring. But it produces a pattern that's hard to break; one you live to regret.
So if you're thinking, 'This relationship is too hard, I want out,' or, 'This job isn't what I expected, I'm quitting,' remember, you develop resiliency by remaining faithful in situations you don't like and can't change. That's why the Bible says, 'We give great honour to those who endure.'

written by Bob Gass


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